Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday gets my stamp of approval


Yipeeeeeeeee! Thank goodness the working week is almost over, I am so tired! Hmmm... I have quite a busy weekend ahead but I'll make sure to get plenty of sleeps to keep me going :-)

Ooh, so as I mentioned in my last post, I went to see Legally Blonde the musical (at the Savoy theatre). It was BRILLIANT! I would highly recommend to anyone who loves singing and dancing and glitter ;-) It was actually very funny (more so than the film in some ways) and I simply adored the two doggies involved! One thing that was not so brilliant however, was having to use the Tube to get there. It smelled of wee and seemed to have more than the average amount of weirdos on there. I'm not sure how people commute on the Tube every day; I get quite unsettled being stuck underground with hundreds of random but very grumpy looking people... !

Have a lovely weekend all :-D  woo-hoo bank holiday Monday makes it a 3 day-er! woop!
Nanny s-a xxx


  1. omgosh! i love Legally Blonde! The musical must be so good!! Happy long weekend to u!! bank holiday!? sound so cool!

  2. My bank holiday is v quiet and hibernate-y. Love the stamp!