Friday, 14 March 2014

tweaking work

Hey Blog-world,

Hope you're full of smiles! It's finally sunny and it feels as though the gloom of winter has finally gone! Yippeeee! So, I've been tweaking  lots of work this week in order to create some fresher designs to sell in local shops. Here are a couple for you to take a lookski at:

More to follow! Have a great weekend! S-A xxx

Thursday, 27 February 2014

picking yourself up!

Hey there gorgeous blog readers!

It's been a crazy few months:
- Moving house (bought jointly with THB!)
- Doing up said house (continually, probably for the next 10 years!)
- Christmas
- Crazy start to new F1 season at work (set to be mad for the rest of the year!)
- Busy start StudioSA wise!

But we're getting there! I'm trying my best to fit some NEW creativity in, I'm going down a vintage-y path for the time being... what do you think?!

Will do my best to keep on posting! S-A xxx

Friday, 6 December 2013

WOW, Christmas is nearly here, how did that happen?!


YEY! It's December! How exciting! I hope you're all feeling pleasantly festive! I'm a little up in the air as we're STILL trying to move house so uncertain as to whether we should put the Christmas tree up or not...!

Preparations are well under way in the studio, I have festive fayres to plan for and I'm busy with delivering my Christmas stock to my shops, woop! That makes me very happy indeed! NEW BITS:

A new style for me and I'm loving it! If you're in the UK you can buy these and more here:

Have a Holly Jolly December all!! xxxx

@ Book Florist: THANK YOU! We are very happy indeed! :-) xxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 15 November 2013

Whirlwind! And now it's nearly Christmas!

Hiya lovely peeps!!

Wowzers, I have been caught up in the biggest WHIRLWIND OF MY LIFE!! THB PROPOSED whilst we were on holiday and of course, I said YES!! As a result, I've not been able to blog as much as I's like!! And now, lo and behold, it's nearly Christmas!! So here are some festive goodies for you!

I'm also trying out a new style too (below), hope you likey!

 chat soon :-) xxxx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Off on my Holidays!

Hello Everyone!

Hope things are good with you :-)

This is going to be a very quick blog as I'm off on my holiday!! Hope you have a lovely week or so without me around! Some lovely things to tell you before I depart:

I'm now selling my Cards and Wedding Stationery in a gorgeous shop called The Pottery Gift House in Frimley, Surrey. I am most excited!! The owner, Sarah, gave me a hug as she was so pleased to have me on board - what a welcome!!

I've joined forces with a lovely and very talented Florist in Sandhurst called Rhoda who runs the very popular Heaven Scent Flowers (part of the Secret Garden!). VERY MUCH looking forward to getting my teeth into lots of Wedding collaborations with her once I'm back, yipppeeeeee!

more to follow upon my return! Chat soon! xxxx

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Something a bit Graphic... no no, I don't mean rude! I mean the latest set of design work I've been working on!! It's called Graphico (mainly because I can imagine it being said in a great booming voice!) and it's quite different from the other designs I produce; take a peek and see what you think!

This range is completely customisable so you can change wording and choose your colour palette to perfectly match your wedding colours. I'd love to know your thoughts :-)  S-A xxx

Monday, 30 September 2013


Howdy! Hope you're smiling ;-)

Its the beginning of a brand new week which means NEW opportunities and more chances of GOOD THINGS happening (I don't know how these things will happen but I know if I keep trying and working hard enough I'll make it in the end!!).

I'm so happy that I've now gone down to part time hours; it means I can spend dedicated time every week on my artwork but still enjoy the social aspect of working with others, being involved in something bigger than just myself whilst having my mortgage covered; peace of mind AND my own creativity, best of both worlds really! Woo!

I was very excited last week as I sent quite a few bits to print, more on that when they're back from the printers but for now here is my latest range of Wedding Stationery for you to enjoy!