Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Howdy all!

Hope things are jolly for you; I am horrendously tired after a busy weekend of birthday fun (yes the birthday celebrations are STILL carrying on) and a very rushed couple of days trying to get my catalogue spread completed for Beehive Illustration! Here are a couple of snippets for youuuu!

plus an update of something I made last month....

lets hope I get some further interest out of it! :-) xxx

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Hey there loyal readers!

Alas, the past two weeks have been far busier than expected and I'm struggling to get into a routine drawing wise :-( I think I may have to work with existibg designs and create something new with them... LIKE THIS PERHAPS!!

unfortunately the printer who did these samples didn't understand my instruction to expand my pattern to fit their templates (perhaps he should've provided me with templates in the first place??!!) so these are mainly just an idea of print reproduction and quality but it defo gets my brain working on how best to impliment my existing designs onto products! MORE EXCITING STILL is that I have three orders already and I've only told two people about them! YEY!

hope you're all well and enjoying the summer so far :-) XXXXX

Thursday, 19 July 2012

What a week so far!

Hello to all of my beautiful blog readers!

I sincerely hope all of you are well and feeling summery! It seems the weather is FINALLY on the turn and that shy old Sun is now making more and more of an appearance!

I apologise in advance for my quick post but I'm off out to dinner but wanted to share my news with you; it's my BIRTHDAY TOMORROW (which is just the most exciting thing ever) and it seems I've got an early Birthday present as I'VE SOLD ANOTHER PIECE OF WORK! WOOP-LA!! YEY!
Remember this pattern I did a while ago?

I made a greetings card from it and it's sold! HOORAY! What do you think? :-)

In other non-related news, I'm getting on well in my new job! It's going to take a while to settle in but I'm trying to be uber smiley which seems to be helping! New work to follow as soon as I can! xxxx

Monday, 16 July 2012

it's supposed to be summer!

Hello hello hello :-)

Hope you had a great weekend! I did although it was ruddy well raining yet again! GRRR! I have literally everything crossed for some sun for this weekend, it can't possibly rain on my birthday... can it?!

Here's something to keep us going:

sorry for the short post, it was my first day in my new job today and I am pooped! It went quite well (fingers crossed) but I am in need of some rest now! xxx

Thursday, 12 July 2012


Hello again!

Weather update: so it was actually VERY SUNNY this morning! Can you believe it? Unfortunately it is now SPITTING just when I need to go out... make up your mind you silly Berkshire weather!

Right-o! I can now reveal the whole of the image which I sneakily gave you a peek of yesterday. This is one of the three pieces of artwork I've sold in the past week. I sold this one was through The Paintbox who I was signed to last year. The design utilises limited colour because the American client wants to add differing coloured foils, woop! How exciting! I wonder if I'll be able to purchase this when I visit Florida next month?!! Wishful thinking methinks... Anyway, hope you likey!


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

sneaky peek...

Howdy all!


Here is a sneaky peek of something to cheer us all up!

the orangey/red reminds me of the children's book Miffy; remember that cute little bunny? I used to (and still do, he he he) love her! xxxxx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New job next week and some good illustration news!

Hiya guys!

Hope the sun is shining where you are, it has been positively miserable for the past week or so. The sun keeps teasing me with a few warm rays then disappearing super quick only to leave soggy old rain clouds. Usually I quite like the rain but I'm planning a bbq this weekend and maybe one the following as IT IS MY BIRTHDAY NEXT WEEK. I hope the weather doesn't scupper my plans...

So, as the title suggests, I am indeed starting my NEW JOB on Monday 16/7. I'm pretty nervous but also very excited about what this could mean for my future! I went to Silverstone with the team last Thursday and had a super time despite not knowing much about F1/racing in general (that has got to change). It was a completely different world from what I'm used to but incredibly impressive with all the supercars and (now celebrity) drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button literally being about a metre away from me, WOOP!

In other more illustrative news, I'VE SOLD THREE PIECES OF WORK! HURRAH! Details will follow as and when I can release them! YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEE! Nanny is winning at the, er, game of life!

big kisses from me to you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and some little ones too: xxxxx

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

new comp!

Hey all!

Sorry I've been so quiet yet again. The redundancy has turned my life literally upside down and I have changed paths so many times in the past three months! The latest is that I've been applying to and attending several graphic design/design positions and... I've just been offered a job! YIPPEE! It's an 8 month maternity contract and I'll be working in McLaren's design department which will be amazing for my CV let alone my confidence! I start on 16th July (my birthday week - hurrah!) but I have literally just been asked to spend the day with them tomorrow at Silverstone! Wowzers! I feel so lucky! It means my illustration stuff will be put on a back burner for a bit but I have several projects up my sleeve so do expect some lovely character based stuffs to appear here soon!

Anyway, Tigerprint are holding another competition which is to design a print! Luckily I have done some pattern work as regular followers may already know so I thought I'd submit some designs and see what happens!

I will keep you posted! :-) xxxx