Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Time to vote!

Hiya lovelies!

My latest Threadless submission has been accepted and is now up for voting, YIP! I would be most appreciative if you could follow this link and vote for it! Create an account (it takes two ticks, promise) and then rate the design from 1 to 5. CHOOSE 5!! HA! The higher the average score at the end, the better chance it has at actually becoming a T-shirt which, let's face it, would be SUPER DUPER. OOOH, almost forgot, you need to tick to say you'd buy it as a Tee (right hand side of image). Shameless plug over!!

I am slightly hungover today as a result of an evening of ta-da-super-fun with my sister and her bestie Claire. The hang isn't bothering me as much as it usually would as I'm feeling incredibly positive today, phew :-) !! I have been making an incredibly maaaaahoooosive effort to sort out my emotional crud (especially over the past month) and I finally am seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I actually feel myself again; it's such a relief as I felt like I was simply drifting through life and decisions were making themselves rather than being controlled by me. I feel like I've got my grip back on life and that everything that happens now is a direct result of my hard work and choices. GO ME!! Shameless self indulgent moment over!!

He he he, Nanny xxx

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