Monday, 9 May 2011

Jovial Jolly-ness

Happy Monday All!

This is for you if you suffer from Monday blues :-) I'm quite fortunate that I am generally a happy person, it must be awful waking up at the beginning of the week (or any day for that matter) and wishing it was over already... I'd say 95% of the time I'm happy which is more than most HENCE my desire to spread some of this JOLLITY and WA-HOOO and YIPPEEE around as much as possible.

I am feeling smug today as I'm giving blood this evening. I am quite scared (even though I've done it several times before!) but I like knowing that I can help people merely by producing blood, so I know I won't chicken out last minute. If you haven't given blood before and you are healthy and able to, it is completely worth it. Not only do you get free biscuits, crisps, squash and tea (!!!!) BUT one pint of your blood can help up to 3 people which is pretty neat if you think about it ;-)


  1. Nice illustration!

    And a free biscuit and I'm anybodys!!

  2. You're so sweet. I really like today's illustration. I think that your zipper is feeling quite as happy as you are - look at that happy little smirk! Very cute. Thankyou, by the way, for your lovely comment on my blog. Yes, well, it's certainly a goal, and I began today. Extra smiles for the dentist, extra "how are you today?" to my teacher etcetera. Trying not to let seven assignments due in four weeks for six subjects get me down! Take care.