Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Christmas Design Break, oh and an apology!

Hello Everyone!

Lots and lots of Christmas designing has been going on in Nanny S-A world and tbh, I just needed a break so I got on with this instead! The idea popped into my head when I was in a (rather dull) business meeting the other day. I find the best thing to do in said business meetings is to take a pad and pen in and jot things down. This serves two purposes: (i)  I don't forget important illustration type things like the above and (ii) it looks like I am listening and taking notes for what I should be concentrating on (oh I hope my boss doesn't read this!). I have come up with several ideas in boring meetings; in a way I should be pleased that I'm in them!!

Oh dear, Nanny's made a boo-boo! I would like to apologise to Made With Love who I mentioned in my last post, I refered to them as "she" when in fact it was a MR. MADE WITH LOVE who gave me the helpful hint that time! Sorry! Made With Love are an online boutique specialising in wedding and events stationery, hand crafted greetings cards & fabulous gifts & furniture. Please readers visit their facebook page here, thank you!

On a final note, I think I am going mental. I was observing the neighbourhood cats yesterday and I reckon they are trained assasins. They're so sneaky and always seem like they're on a secret mission AND if anyone walks by they simply look aloof and blend into the background. I adore cats so hopefully they aren't after me...


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  1. That might be the case, you know! I know a crow that really has it in for me at the moment, too! I got swooped this morning and this afternoon, while tresspassing in her territory, someone said "watch out for crows" and I thought they meant there actually WAS one, and I freaked and accidentally slapped my friend in the face when I flung out my arms to protect my eyes from her maurading beak! Ah well!