Friday, 6 December 2013

WOW, Christmas is nearly here, how did that happen?!


YEY! It's December! How exciting! I hope you're all feeling pleasantly festive! I'm a little up in the air as we're STILL trying to move house so uncertain as to whether we should put the Christmas tree up or not...!

Preparations are well under way in the studio, I have festive fayres to plan for and I'm busy with delivering my Christmas stock to my shops, woop! That makes me very happy indeed! NEW BITS:

A new style for me and I'm loving it! If you're in the UK you can buy these and more here:

Have a Holly Jolly December all!! xxxx

@ Book Florist: THANK YOU! We are very happy indeed! :-) xxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 15 November 2013

Whirlwind! And now it's nearly Christmas!

Hiya lovely peeps!!

Wowzers, I have been caught up in the biggest WHIRLWIND OF MY LIFE!! THB PROPOSED whilst we were on holiday and of course, I said YES!! As a result, I've not been able to blog as much as I's like!! And now, lo and behold, it's nearly Christmas!! So here are some festive goodies for you!

I'm also trying out a new style too (below), hope you likey!

 chat soon :-) xxxx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Off on my Holidays!

Hello Everyone!

Hope things are good with you :-)

This is going to be a very quick blog as I'm off on my holiday!! Hope you have a lovely week or so without me around! Some lovely things to tell you before I depart:

I'm now selling my Cards and Wedding Stationery in a gorgeous shop called The Pottery Gift House in Frimley, Surrey. I am most excited!! The owner, Sarah, gave me a hug as she was so pleased to have me on board - what a welcome!!

I've joined forces with a lovely and very talented Florist in Sandhurst called Rhoda who runs the very popular Heaven Scent Flowers (part of the Secret Garden!). VERY MUCH looking forward to getting my teeth into lots of Wedding collaborations with her once I'm back, yipppeeeeee!

more to follow upon my return! Chat soon! xxxx

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Something a bit Graphic... no no, I don't mean rude! I mean the latest set of design work I've been working on!! It's called Graphico (mainly because I can imagine it being said in a great booming voice!) and it's quite different from the other designs I produce; take a peek and see what you think!

This range is completely customisable so you can change wording and choose your colour palette to perfectly match your wedding colours. I'd love to know your thoughts :-)  S-A xxx

Monday, 30 September 2013


Howdy! Hope you're smiling ;-)

Its the beginning of a brand new week which means NEW opportunities and more chances of GOOD THINGS happening (I don't know how these things will happen but I know if I keep trying and working hard enough I'll make it in the end!!).

I'm so happy that I've now gone down to part time hours; it means I can spend dedicated time every week on my artwork but still enjoy the social aspect of working with others, being involved in something bigger than just myself whilst having my mortgage covered; peace of mind AND my own creativity, best of both worlds really! Woo!

I was very excited last week as I sent quite a few bits to print, more on that when they're back from the printers but for now here is my latest range of Wedding Stationery for you to enjoy!


Thursday, 19 September 2013

sneaky peeks...

Hey all!

Hope things are sun-shiney out there in Blogland!! :-) I've been REALLY BUSY working away, knuckling down and generally thinking about stuff NIGHT AND DAY with a clear goal in mind of making this business a success. I feel very positive (despite some set backs...) so here goes!

sneaky look at updated wedding pages; complete Smidge of Vintage wedding package:

more to follow tomorrow with any luck! xxxx

Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Long Lost Artist!

Hello to all of you lovely lot out there in BLOGLAND!

Hope you are well as always! :-) No, I hadn't disappeared off the face of the Earth, I had just scuttled off to a corner to concentrate on LOTS OF NEW THINGS, some of which, I can share with you now!

NEW WEBSITE! Check this out:


Including Little People Range:

PLUS MUCH MORE TO COME! Hoping to be back to my regular posting now, apologies if you've missed me! xxxxx

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Wishes coming true...

Hello lovely Readers out there in Blogland!

How are things? Hopefully things are happy and well for you!

I really feel that my hard work is paying off and that some of my dreams and wishes are coming true. Firstly, I've just had a major order FINALLY go through (which I've been wanting to tell you about for ages) with Cards Galore, 20 of my designs will be exclusively sold in over 50 stores in London and then the surrounding areas if successful enough! Here's hoping! Hooray!

Secondly I've been offered permanent part time work at McLaren which means I can still pay my mortgage but also have dedicated time each week (that I'm not going to feel guilty about taking) to spend on building up my illustration and design business (new website still being designed!).

And finally, THB and I have been very grown up and after much planning... HAVE BOUGHT A HOUSE TOGETHER! It's still in the early stages but I am understandably, very excited about it! WOO!

New design for you, hope all your wishes come truuuueeee!!


Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Howdy doody!

I had just written a lovely blurb about things that have been going on but the internet went crazy and I've lost it all :-( BOOOOOO! So here is just a nice pic instead to make you smile:

Until next time! Au Revoir! s-a xxx

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New Supplier :-)


I am quite tired but VERY JOLLY as I have been working extra hard to fit in illustration things around my already manic life. Last week I managed to tick off all the things I had on my TO DO LIST and it seems this week will be no different; YESSSSSS. I feel a little like I don't have much down time but it's worth it for the satisfaction of being on top with everythign else :-)

I've been revisiting a lot of work recently and trying to make it more sellable... in short, it means turning my everyday designs into designs for occasions; I need to think smarter and act smarter! With regards to acting smarter, I've found a new supplier and I'm (so far) incredibly impressed! I can't wait for my first batch of NEW PRINTS to come back from them! YIP YIP YIP!

Re-visited vegetables design:

Have a superb rest of the week! xxxx

Friday, 17 May 2013

270th Post!

Hey all :-)

What a week it has been! I feel like I've been able to tick all the boxes in terms of what I always hope to achieve each week and so often fail to do. I've exercised, cooked, cleaned, seen family, caught up with several friends, celebrated 22 months of being together with THB, done some drawing, re-worked a drawing (see below!), found a new printer, sold lots of cards to a new supplier (!!! yippeeeeee!!!) AND secured some Graphic Design work! All on top of a busy week at actual work. Sometimes I wonder how I manage to fit it all in...

For all the new babies out there (including a special little man, Tyler, who I will be meeting on Sunday for the very first time!!!):

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :-) xxxx

Sunday, 12 May 2013

May, already?!

Hello guys and gals :-)

Hope you're all well in the land of blog! I am yet again mega busy but keeping on top of things as I feel pretty refreshed due to a lovely holiday to Kefalonia, Greece. It really couldn't have come at a better time as I just needed to unwind and reflect on a whole host of things including job offers, new contracts and just where I'm at generally in life!

Loving the sun!

I'm just about to start a new drawing and don't have much I can show you just yet but here is a snippet of some logo/branding design I've been working on for one of the umbrella companies at McLaren:

Happy drawings to follow soon! Speak soon, S-A XXXX

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

New possibilities

Hello Everyone :-)

A HUGE THANKS to all who have been so supportive and kind and above all, UNDERSTANDING of my not being able to communicate as much as I'd like situation! I really am hoping that I'll be able to post more frequently than, well, nothing so fingers crossed. Also a big thanks to those who have been so complimentary of my new holding site: big love to you all!

I've been celebrating LOTS of birthdays recently but the main one being THB's 30TH!! WOWZERS! He's a proper grown up now! ha ha ha! Upon celebrating a good friend's birthday, we went to a lovely tea shop which is local to me and I ASKED ABOUT POSSIBLY SELLING SOME OF MY CARDS AND THE MANAGER SAID SHE'D LOVE TO! woop woop woop! There's nothing official just yet but I'm hoping this all works out well :-) yipppeeeee!!


Happy Tuesday all!
nanny s-a xxx

Friday, 12 April 2013

A NEW START (but using existing bits)

Good Morning all!

I am simply thrilled to announce the launch of my pre-website-site STUDIOSA.CO.UK! I've had a BIG think and I've decided to re-brand from just Nanny S-A to a more mature (but still just as fun) Studio SA which I'm hoping will encompass ALL the things I do rather than just my Illustration! Look forward to seeing more Graphical stuff, Stationery Design and Bespoke Artworks - YEY!

I'd love to be actually launching the full new site but there are so many changes I'd like to make plus research I need to do that I wouldn't be able to portray my best work so the holding site will stay put for now. Hopefully you'll all be kept up to date and HAPPY with what I'll be providing in the meantime :-) WOO-HOO!

I have a very exciting piece of news to share but it's going to have to wait until I'm allowed to divulge, this news has literally given me the boost and the confidence to push forward with my new Brand. I'm feeling very happy right now, woop de doo!! HAPPY FRIDAY ALL! Nanny XXXXX

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sincere Apologies!

Hello lovelies,

I am so dreadfully sorry, this year is proving to be a right shambles blog wise! I just can't seem to find the time to do as much illustration as I used to :-( There is some VERY good news on the horizon though so don't despair! I have been spending much of my spare time sorting this thing out, can't wait to tell you all :-D

Speak soon xxxxx

@ Design Jessica, THANK YOU for your nomination, so very sweet of you :-)
@ The Book Florist, I am so sorry I haven't replied to your query... I can't actually remember how I did it now but I am pretty positive Mr. Google helped me out!!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

lots of re-working... again!

Hey there lovely Reader,

And how are you? Cheery I hope! So there have been yet more prospects on the horizon and yet again I don't feel like there are enough hours in the day! I'm off on a course tomorrow run by the lovely PaperGirls which I'm hoping will help steer my illustration in the right direction. It's hard keeping all the juggling balls that life throws at you up in the air sometimes...!

Some nice re-worked bits for you all! Enjoy!

xxxx :-) xxxx

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine's Day!

I LOVE YOU! Yes! YOU! Thank you to all readers of my blog whether you be regulars or you just happened to stumble upon my doodles! May I be the first to wish you a Happy St. Valentine's Day! Hope you're planning something lovely (even if that is a night alone in the bath, mmm!).

I've made THIS for THB aka Brown Bread (we've been together for 19 months now! I'm the Sunflower which is his pet name for me!) but shhh, I've made this into his card too (printed on silver) so I hope he doesn't read this blog and spoil the surprise!

Have a super v-day! xxxx

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Time goes by so quickly...

Hello one and all!

Wherever you may be I hope this post finds you in a happy and content state! 2013 has been a bit of an odd year so far, some things are going very well like MY FIRST MAGAZINE  FEATURE for Stationery Trends Magazine:

...and being on THE FRONT COVER of one of my illustration catalogues, Beehive #20:

...AND SOMETHING ELSE which I STILL can't yet divulge (sorry!). But then there is a fair share of sad news too for me and people around me which has been quite distressing. Fingers crossed that once Spring arrives it'll all be on the up from there.

It has been incredibly busy at my day job (working for McLaren) which is exciting but also tiring! I've not been able to dedicate myself as much to my illustrative artwork as I would've liked but I think the next few months should see me spending more time on this lovely hobby of mine :-D

McLaren MP4-28 Car Launch (I helped with this event!)



Friday, 18 January 2013

Two weeks of everything apart from drawing...

Hello my lovely readers :-)

Hope you are all safe and well. It's been snowing all day today and I had some pretty hair raising moments on the drive home today! EEEK!

The past 2 weeks have been rather difficult as my Mum has had an op and I've been living out of a bag ever since. Fortunately she is getting much stronger and better everyday so she's getting a little bit of her independence back which is just lovely to watch. Even though I've been far busier than normal, I've been spending some quality time with Mum which has been super!

So, I've still had some great news Illustration wise (the main one I think I'll be able to share end of next month: YESSSSS!) including my work being featured on Beehive Illustration's catalogue for 2013 and being FEATURED in a magazine (post about that more next time!). Altogether I'm feeling very positive despite my attentions being elsewhere!

I've managed to re-work some old ideas to make them fit for Valentines Day (you can never be too early, right?). Hope you like what I've done!

Have a lovely weekend all :-) xxx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Work sold out!

Hello guys and gals!

How is it going? In my opinion, today was pretty much the hardest day of the year due to January Blues and it being the first proper day back at work after all that celebrating! Ewwww: diets, exercise and work starts but all bring their rewards eh?!

I've just had some wonderful news and had to share! Alboe, the shop I sell in, has actually sold out of my work!!! Well, not all of it but some of the products I had on sale! Apparently the signs I made went down really well and the lovely shop owner Sam has asked me to bring in more! WOOP WOOP WOOP!

Alboe store front! My print can be seen right at the bottom in the middle :-D