Friday, 14 March 2014

tweaking work

Hey Blog-world,

Hope you're full of smiles! It's finally sunny and it feels as though the gloom of winter has finally gone! Yippeeee! So, I've been tweaking  lots of work this week in order to create some fresher designs to sell in local shops. Here are a couple for you to take a lookski at:

More to follow! Have a great weekend! S-A xxx

Thursday, 27 February 2014

picking yourself up!

Hey there gorgeous blog readers!

It's been a crazy few months:
- Moving house (bought jointly with THB!)
- Doing up said house (continually, probably for the next 10 years!)
- Christmas
- Crazy start to new F1 season at work (set to be mad for the rest of the year!)
- Busy start StudioSA wise!

But we're getting there! I'm trying my best to fit some NEW creativity in, I'm going down a vintage-y path for the time being... what do you think?!

Will do my best to keep on posting! S-A xxx