Thursday, 29 September 2011

Last post for the month!


How are things? I am feeling a bit pukey if I'm honest... I shouldn't have had quite so many sherries the other night (yep, this is a two day hangover I've got here!). What is it with getting more and more dreadful hangovers the older you get?! I'm only 28 but feel a bit like I'm 68 today!

Perhaps this is something a 68 year old relative would buy you at Christmas:

I'm afraid I won't be posting tomorrow so I bid you farewell and hope you have a lovely weekend!
Nanny xxx

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

WIP: work in progress

Howdy followers! Hope all is fine and dandy with you :-)

Alas! I am away from home with actual work and so I'm unable to finish this properly... I have many folders on my mac at home filled with patterns, colour palettes and random bits but I won't have access to any of these until Friday :-( boo!! So, not wanting to leave you empty handed, I shall just show you this work in progress instead!

hmmm... I'm thinking I should have drawn a kangaroo or a frog instead... oh bum!

Monday, 26 September 2011

I'm prepared!

Hiya all!

How was your weekend? I had literally the best weekend of my life!
Friday: I saw two of my best buddies and ate delicious Brazilian food (my friend's new boyfriend is from Brazil!)
Saturday: Treasure Hunt Boy (THB) and I had a marvellous time in London; firstly we went to this creepy museum and saw some curiosities, then we went for drinks and dinner AND THEN WE SAW MY FAVOURITE MUSICAL WICKED! YIPPPPEEEEEEEE!!
Sunday: THB and I chilled, I did a bit of drawing and watched some lovely films. So all in all a good one!

Not wanting to abandon you this week (I'm away on business again until Friday), I thought I'd be prepared and take some finished drawings with me for you to feast your eyes upon... apologies for the festive theme!

I would like to say THANK YOU to The Book Florist for noticing my background change; I thought my page could do with sprucing up! I also changed it on my website too, I think it looks far more jolly now!

Nanny xxx

Friday, 23 September 2011

Ya-hoo! A post every day this week!

Hello everyone! How is your Friday going??

Oooh look! I've managed to post every day this (working) week! Brilliant as I'm sure you'll agree after the disruptive month I've had. Ha!

Today's post is er, reflective of how I feel about Treasure Hunt Boy (I'm blushing a bit!)! Things are going VERY well with him and I couldn't be happier :-)

We're off into London tomorrow and then to the theatre to see Wicked (the tickets were the last part of the treasure hunt he devised for my birthday if you remember rightly!) - WA-HOOOOO!!!!

Just to keep you in the loop, I'm away again (grrr) next week but I'm hoping I'll be able to get some stuff up on the old blogarooni to keep you smiling and satisfied :-)

Have a super duper weekend and hopefully you'll hear from me next week!
nanny xxx

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thursday doggie poop day

Doooo wop de wop! Hello!

Thought I'd share this unusual artwork request I've had with you all... I had the creators of Pet Poo Loo Wormeries ask if I could create a character for them to use as part of their branding! Basically the idea is you scoop your doggy poop up and feed it to special worms who then turn it into safe fertilizer to use in your garden. I've just sent them (a bigger version of) this...

...which is only preliminary but I hope they see where I'm going with it!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wednesday Happiness

Good day to you! :-)

I have a massive smile on my face today, fa la la la! There's no particular reason for my cheery mood, I am just feeling jolly! Perhaps it is down to YOU my wonderful reader and followers, for making me sooooooo HAPPY! I truly appreciate all your comments, thank you :-)


lots of love, Nanny xxxx

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tuesday's cat is annoyingly furry...

Happy Tuesday to you! How are things?

I've had a very good day so far; I've heard from lots of friends, had an unexpected but MOST WELCOME wedding invite (TTHHHHHAAANNNKKKKKSSSS LUCY!!) AAAAAANNNNND I managed to get this naughty fellow posted today (as promised) which makes me very happy indeed. I adore cats but even I have to admit that their fur is rather annoying!!!

So my cousin liked her birthday picture last night, woop-pea!!! She declared, "don't worry, I get it!" when she saw it, PHEW! ha ha ha! :-)

more madness will follow tomorrow! Nanny s-a xxxx

Monday, 19 September 2011


WELL HELLOOOOOO THERE!! I hope you're all happy and smiling wherever you are :-)

I do sincerely apologise for my lack of contact over the past few weeks, I have been away from home/studio and unable to draw anything let alone work it up ready for posting: BOO.

Today's post is mainly for my little cousin Éloise as it's her 8th birthday. I've printed a copy of this and I'll be dropping it round to her with some birthday treats tonight :-) As I'm here and you're reading (ha ha ha), I'd like to also wish my Daddy a hap-pea birthday again for Saturday (we went to a theme park) and also to my Granny who sadly passed away 5 years ago but still remains a VERY large part of my life (it would've been her 77th birthday yesterday; hope you had a wonderful day Gnu, I wish we could've spent it together). 

I am very happy today as I've just checked my facebook and I've reached 100 LIKERS!! WOWZERS!! I couldn't be happier to have so many people joining in on what I do. I know I say it probably far too often but THANK YOU ALL for reading and (hopefully!) enjoying :-D

Sorry again for the lack of doodles, I'm aiming to post something every day this working week for you all... I best get scribbling!

So, until tomorrow!
Nanny xxx

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Howdy to all my readers: ESPECIALLY THE NEW ONES! How wonderful it is to have you all here for the ride :-)

So, I am indeed home from my holiday BUT my day job is NUTTY at the moment so I'm not sure when I'll get to post something for your viewing pleasure... Hmm, for now, enjoy this photo of me at the airport! he he he :-)

I had a good long think and discussion with my buddy Gemma (who I went on holiday with) and I've come back KNOWING what I need to do now to push forward with my illustrations. Unfortunately my plans will have to wait until October (this will be a quiet month post wise; my apologies, I normally try to post three times a week) as I have major events at work which need my attention foremost! Rest assured when I get my booty back into Illustration mode I shall share all advancements with you first :-)

Hope you are full of sunshine and rainbows wherever you are!
It's lovely to be home (but not necessarily back at work!), Nanny S-A xxx