Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding!

Hello all!! It seemed only right to repost this drawing today!! Good Luck and indeed CONGRATULATIONS to William and Kate! WOO-HOO! The sense of national pride is at an all time high; I'm proud to be British today...!

Sorry I've been quiet this week, the kitchen is taking up soooo much time. I'll pop some pics up when it's finished :-D    Promise that happy blogging times will recommence as of Tuesday :-)
Nanny xxx

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Happy Easter all!


I adore Easter. For me it marks the beginning of better weather (! yey!), new life and new beginnings for everyone :-) Easter is a MASSIVE deal in my family so we shall be spending Easter Sunday together celebrating, eating and generally being happy and thankful for all we've been given. Found out that my Mum is quite poorly atm (she had a hospital apt today...) so I will be making extra effort to make sure she has a peaceful holiday.

Sooo as you may or may not know, because of the Royal Wedding, us lucky Brits get super amounts of bank holidays over the next week or so. I was one of the very sneaky ones to get my holiday booked early ao I've ACTUALLY got the next 11 days off my day job in a row!! WOO-HOO!! Unfortumately blog fans, that also means I probably won't be posting for a little while... I've got an incredibly busy time ahead of me: A very good friend's wedding to go to, family celebrations, another lovely friend's hen do, my NEW KITCHEN is being fitted (I will post pics) and I'm spending some time with my beautiful and bestest buddies too. LUCKY ME!! I will do my best to write something next week to hopefully bring a smile to your faces though!

So here's wishing you a wonderful Easter full of hope and happiness, FA LA LA DUM DEEE DUM!!
Nanny S-A xxx

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Lots of Love


I am so jolly today; the sun is proudly shining and I'm having that slushy, I'm-soooo-grateful-for-everything feeling once again. As some of you may be aware, I've only been doing this for a short period of time (since January of this year! I just didn't have the confidence before) and I cannot thank people enough for their support and advice. LOVE ALL OF YOU!!
It really does prove that if you want something bad enough, you'll get it :-)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Tuesdayyyyyyy Fortunes

Hellooooooo! It is so hot and sunny today :-) YIP!!

Whilst out drinking a nice cider in the sunshine on Saturday afternoon, THIS JUST POPPED INTO MY HEAD. I do not know why but I felt like I should draw it. HOPE YOU LIKE!

Thanks all again for your votes for my design on threadless; I've had a few peeps ask so I thuoght I'd explain... you need to sign up (takes 2 secs, promise!) and click 5 (or whatever you think it deserves! ha!) and then check to say you'd buy it. It has two days left for votes so get clicking if you haven't already! he he!

I've had so much feedback from this that I am thinking of setting up a store on Etsy (I've been thinking about it for ages! Just need to get on with it now!). hmm... As always though I am a bit scared that things won't sell. ARRGGGHHHH, FEAR DEMONS BE GONE!!

Hope you are all hunky dory :-) xxx

Friday, 15 April 2011

Birthday Fun

I'm off to the Lovely Kate's birthday party tonight :-) She has been so supportive through all of this so I wanted to wish her a super duper Happy Birthday on here too! Hope she likes her gifts... !!

This isn't the card I've given to Kate but though it was fitting for this post! My only problem is now that I've taken a step back and given my eyes time to get fresh again, I think it may appear like the banana on the far right is giving the gift of poop??!!! ha ha ha!! Oh nooooooo!! I'm never going to see this any differently!! Think I best change it before I try to sell it eh? :-) Have a great weekend all xxx

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Oooh, it's time to vote!

Hey all :-)  I'm still super happy from yesterday's news! I received an email this morning also to say that my tshirt design is now up for voting upon! Please follow this link and vote!

Thanks for your support as always! xxx

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

OMG!! More good news!!

YEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSSSS!!!! My new agent has just emailed to say everything is now up and running on the website! Officially a FREELANCE ILLUSTRATOR (and graphic designer still) !!!!! In case you'd like a peek, check out The Paintbox!! YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :-)


Good News

Hellllloooooooo :-)
Things are shiny and bright for me today; I've just been informed my little sis has just got a promotion and pay increase! YES!!! GO SUPER FIELDING (our surname) TEAM!! This makes me HAPPY!

So here is some happy chicken and chips to celebrate such fab news (it's not her birthday but I don't think she'll mind)! YUM! xxx

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

T-shirt revision...

???? I'll let you know if/when you can vote! xxx

An idea for threadless...

Howdy :-) Hope you're well; I am feeling MUCH BETTER today, phew!

So are you aware of Threadless Tees? I'm thinking of submitting this design to possibly be printed (the tshirt suggestion from last week got me thinking!) :-) I may alter colours a bit still ooh and also I'm not sure what colour shirt it would go on... perhaps just a white shirt?

Hope you likey! xxx

Friday, 8 April 2011

More masculine approach perhaps? No?

Hey! Friday at last! Hope you've all had a super week :-)
Same vein as the designs I did earlier this week... What do you think?

have a good one xxx

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Antibiotics = Amazing

Howdy All!
I cannot believe how much better I feel now the antibiotics have kicked in! I'm still a bit rought but NO WAY as bad as I was earlier in the week!! A big WOO-HOO to modern medicine!!
Really glad that people liked the "sweet cup cake" image I managed to get done yesterday, this one is following along the same lines and I have more up my sleeve to showcase (once I finish them!):

It's so nice (and encouraging) to have other people's thoughts on where they'd look good too... it's giving me some ideas!! I agree these would look CUTE on kids clothing! YIPEE!!

Something unrelated now, Father's Day... I know my Dad would LOVE this as he is a lover of the traditional Full English Breakfast. His belly is evidence of that! He he he, sorry Dad!

Not sure if I'm 100% convinced of my colour choices yet though... I may also add some "jiggle" marks. xxx

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Managed to do this!

:-) xxx


Hello all,
I am sorry I've not posted any happy fun times up on here recently. You know I said I felt ill last week? Well, I've actually caught a nasty virus which has given me infected sinuses! I'll do my best to get something up asap :-)  I'm on antibiotics to clear up the infection but apparently this stinky virus may stick around for up to 12 weeks?!! What a hardy little virus!
Nanny xxx

Friday, 1 April 2011

aah-eeee, it's the weekend

Have another...

:-) xxx

S-A: The April Fool?

Hip Hip HOORAY, it's FRIDAY :-)   Friday = Happy times.
Lots of good things have been happening recently and I keep thinking someone is going to jump out and be like, "APRIL FOOLS YOU DOUGHNUT! We're not really interested." ...Oh dear, I need to stop with the self denial and be brave. What is the worst that can happen?! GAAAH!

This is unrelated to April Fools but hope you like anyways!

toodles xxx