Tuesday, 23 August 2011

YIPPEEEEEEE!! Holiday times!!


I am so excited, I fly out in about 7 hours! WOO-HOOOOOOOOOO!!! Good times! Hope you all have a lovely couple of weeks without your Nanny :-D  BYE BYE FOR NOW!!! xxxxx

Monday, 22 August 2011


Howdy lovelies!

Hope you had a super duper weekend! I should be full of happy and smiles but I AM VERY GRUMPY today because I have misplaced my usb stick which I use for all my illustration stuff! GRRRRRRR!!!

This means I either have to buy a new one or hope that the old one turns up. GRRRRR!! On the plus side (and a massive reason to be happy): I AM OFF ON HOLIDAY tomorrow evening! YIPPEEEEEEEE!!! Just one and a half working days left and I'll be sunning myself on that beach! woo-hoooo! Now I just need to start packing... oh dear!

Friday, 19 August 2011

TGI Friday!

Well helloooooo lovely readers!

Things you should be aware of before reading any further:
1. I am tired
2. I have a sore throat from singing my head off (mainly to Disney) at karaoke last night
3. I am tired

!!! I am so pleased its Friday and that I am on holiday soon! Oh can I just say a big thank you again for all my recent comments but particularly to drend for their lovely words, truly made my morning! Actual work (graphic design) is getting me down a bit so it was an amazing boost knowing that the things I really love doing (doodling, illustrating etc) are making others jolly out there :-)

I'm afraid it's another Crimbo design for you to feast your eyes upon today (I've not managed to do very much this week, apologies!). I'm planning a doodling day tomorrow so with any luck I'll have something non-crimbo related to show you next week before I go off on my hols!

Have a super weekend all :-) xxxx

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Something a little self indulgent

Morrrrrning all!

Hope you are smiling wherever you are :-)
It is positively grotty outside today, WHERE ON EARTH has the summer gone? Good thing I'm off on my hols next week! he he!

Something a little self indulgent for today's post; Treasure Hunt Boy is the piece of brown bread (a nickname I have given him) and I am the sunflower (he calls me that as I have a big smiley face). I know he like this pic as I showed it to him a little while ago... I couldn't wait!!


Tonight I have the gorgeous Charles' birthday party; we're going for a meal and then doing Karaoke which I've not done since I was about 12... it should be interesting and super fun!! ha ha, get those ear plugs out!
Nanny xxxx

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A tired old Nana


And welcome to my new readers and facebook likers! It's so nice to have you along for the ride! :-) Thanks for your nice comments toooooooo!

So, I have been a pretty tired Nanny... The camping trip this weekend was great but I am absolutely pooped now. Actual work is very busy too which is not exactly helping matters!! All I keep thinking is that this time next week I will be on a beach in Ibiza with one of my best buddies (the lovely Miss Kattavenos), which reminds me... I regret to inform you I won't be posting at all from 23rd Aug until about 5th Sept!! I will try to get as much stuff as possible on line before I go which will hopefully keep you going :-D

Sooo, I know it's August but here is another Crimbo goody for you!

YUM YUM! Christmas Pud is my fave!
Lots of love, Nanny xxxx

Friday, 12 August 2011

Camping times!


Hope you are all well and enjoying the very last part of the working week. I am so very much looking forward to 5.30pm tonight when I can hit the road and make my way onto my weekend of CAMPING FUN! I have just read the weather report and apparently it's going to rain a little. I'm sure we can cope with the raindrops but I'm kinda wishing I hadn't forgotten to pack my wellies...

This is for all of my favourites ESPECIALLY the book florist who continues to not only bring much needed support but also a big smile to my face!

 have a great one all! Nanny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Busy Thursday


Hope you're all well in the land of the interwebs! I have been crazy busy with actual work, plans for illustrative work and also with family commitments (namely making sure my Mum is behaving after having her foot operation. It is proving to be rather difficult). ALSO I have been trying to see treasure hunt boy as much as possible which continues to be just lovely. Generally I am feeling very happy (YIP YIP) but also super tired too. Think I need to properly catch up on sleeps times this weekend although that plan may go out of the window seeing as I'm taking my young cousins CAMPING! ha! Oh lordy I'm going to be exhausted!

Anyway, here is something inspired by recent happy times. Hope you likey :-)

Thanks for reading this post my little sweethearts, it makes me so very happy that you do!
Nanny xxx

Monday, 8 August 2011



How are you doing lovely readers? I am super duper! I have heard SO MUCH GOOD NEWS this weekend that I can't help but be JOLLY JOLLY JOLLY today! HERE, SHARE IT WITH ME!

1. My Dad and Step-Mum-to-be have finally set a date for their wedding! OCT 7th 2011!! YIP YIP!
2. LOVELY LUCY (who's birthday it was last week) AND TOM ARE NOW ENGAGED! Congratulations!!! yeeeeyyyyyy!!!
3. My friend called this morn to say she is pregnant!!! I actually cried!!! :-)


Here is a re-work of an oldie of mine (originally done for The Royal Wedding). It seems appropriate today, woop!! :-)

fa la la! xxx

Friday, 5 August 2011

yes yes, it's August I know

BUUUUUT here's some Christmas jolity for you!


Hope you're all well, you should be; it's FRIIIIIDAY!! I've had such a busy old week and I feel like I'm letting myself (and my lovely readers) down blog wise... I'm going to try extra hard next week to get more posting done, promise! I've got lots of ideas bubbling away so hopefully they'll be hitting your eyeballs very soon indeeeeeeedy!

Enjoy the weekend!
Love Nanny xxx

PS: just wanted to wish LUCY (aka midcenturylass) a very happy birthday. Sorry that this post is Christmas based rather than birthday! Hope you have a good one sweet :-) xxx

Thursday, 4 August 2011

First proper post of the week, sorry!

Hellooooooo lovely readers!

Sorry for my utterly RUBBISH lack of posting this week; I have been rather busy at my day job and spending my evenings getting to know Treasure Hunt Boy better :-) Anyways, I am feeling full of happy this week in general so this image is even more relevant than normal! The Egg Magician is baaaaaaaack, he couldn't stay away!!! Well, actually, a rough doodle of this image is what inspired the whole comic thing with him in the first place... So I guess you could call this "The Egg Magician: The Prequel" ... ??!!

:-) Hope you're all smiling as much as I am!!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

An apology!

Hey all,

How goes it?! For those who are interested, Friday night went well :-) PHEW! They were all lovely people (as suspected!).

Work is el mentallo at the moment and as a result I've been too busy/sleepy to produce anything. Well anything worth posting!:-( booooo!!! Please accept my apology lovely readers! I don't like the idea of not posting so here is a pic of Treasure Hunt Boy and I :-) ha ha ha!
Good grief I'm getting all slushy... YEY!

I feel very lucky indeed :-)