Friday, 6 May 2011

Four day week :-D

Hiya :-)

Ahhh, I am still loving the repercussions from all these bank holidays. My body clock is telling me it's Wednesday for some reason (surely it should be Thursday?!) but it is in fact everyone's favourite day: FANTASTIC FRIDAY!! Yip yip! I have a lovely weekend ahead planned, hope you do too :-)

Something summery for you seeing as it's so sunshiny here; ahem:

The end! xxx


  1. I love your handwriting. It is surprisingly very full of character and bounce, you know. Also, I broke my record for my longest sleep in - 11:00 am. Go me!

  2. Hola guapa
    que bonito tu blog y tambien tu trabajo.
    Te felicito .miles besitos

  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments! :-)

    BF: oooh, a lovely long sleeps! I need one of those but the kitchen is taking up valuable sleeps times!
    Glad you appreciate my handwriting. I try to make it as "friendly" as possible. Unfortunately my note-taking hand is not quite as pleasant but I'm working on it! x