Friday, 27 January 2012

I feel so much better in fact that...

... I made this for you! A FREE BOOKMARK! WOOP! Click here to get your hands on a higher resolution download! 

Happy reading :-) xxxx

Feeling BETTER!

Hey hey!

Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post guys; I feel so much better today :-) I need to learn to stop being so hard on myself when I feel low, it only makes things worse. ANYWAY I have a weekend of fun to look forward to; tonight I am seeing an old school friend and tomorrow I'm helping my sister put up a wall art sticker I bought for her very first home... hence the creation of this piccy which I'm making into a card for her:

Hope you have lots of fun plans too for the weekend! Nan xxx

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Feeling sorry for myself...

Hello Everyone,

Apologies for this being my first post of the week. *sigh* I'm not sure why, but I'm finding it really hard to pull myself out of a long stint of grumpiness and feeling low. I've not even wanted to draw this week which goes to show something isn't right. Just wish I knew what was wrong so I could get on with sorting it out! Maybe I need to take a leaf out of this little chap's book:

Nanny xxx

Friday, 20 January 2012

Lucky me :-)

Hey all!

So after a week of EVERYTHING breaking (my car, camera AND phone all went crazy) and generally feeling a bit sorry for myself, I decided to be a bit kinder to myself and just give myself a break! Sometimes we just have a bad week and I guess this was my week. But, as soon as I relaxed, things started to get better! My car was fixed FOR FREE, I got a full refund on my camera and my phone is now fixed and even better than before! It made me realise the problems I have are minute and I am actually very lucky indeed :-)

Have a spiffing weekend :-) toodles! Nanny xxxxx

Thursday, 19 January 2012

I'm pooped!

Good Day all! Or perhaps that should be Good Evening if you're reading this later on tonight :-)

I'm not sure why but this week has really tired me out! I went to the gym earlier this week and went a bit mental on the cross trainer... maybe that's what did it?! ha ha!

I've been quite busy sorting some wedding invites out for a new friend; I love doing this sort of thing but it does take up quite a bit of time! Anywho, what I'm trying to say is I've not really been up to drawing for the pst couple of days so I don't have anything to post about today :-( But, for those of you who haven't already visited, why not check out my other blog, THRIFTY NANA for tips and general chat on making the pennies stretch further?? :-)

I'll do my best to post something BRAND SPANKING NEW tomorrow, ttfn! Nanny xxx

Monday, 16 January 2012


Hey all!

I had such a lovely time this weekend in Bournemouth celebrating THB and I's 6 month anniversary, I feel so warm and fuzzy inside! The downside to my weekend was that yesterday was also the 6 year anniversary of my beautiful Granny's passing :-( I was a mess on Friday but managed to stay positive and keep smiling all day yesterday. It's so weird that she's gone, I'm not sure how we've coped....

Anyway, I know Granny would adore the fact that I am creating artwork based on being in love! She was such an old romantic :-) Here's today's love-y based design:

Happy Monday :-D xxx

Friday, 13 January 2012

Finally I can submit!

Happy Friday all :-)

I am in such a jolly mood today! Despite the cold weather I managed to get up early this morning to go to the gym and it really has set me up for the day! YIPPPPPEEEE!!! I'll no doubt be quite tired later on tonight but it'll be worth it. I'm going to try and get fit this year, my wobbly bits seem to be taking over and only allowing me to wear half my wardrobe which is not good :-( So far I've lost 4lbs which isn't bad!

Anywho, back to why you're here! ILLUSTRATIONS! I have literally just submitted these designs to Tigerprint, oooh I hope they like them!! You can see all 5 designs (I've tweaked 2 of the ones I posted about if you're interested) by clicking here.

Hope you all have a super weekend, I'm sooooooo excited about the trip to the seaside with THB!
Nanny xxx

Thursday, 12 January 2012

third entry...

Hello Darlingos!

Sorry for my rather short amount of ramblings and my lack of posting yesterday; actual work got a bit mental and took over things! Luckily I was able to produce this today; its my third (hopefully of five if I have time!) design for the Tigerprint "What is Love?" competition. Fingers crossed they like them...

I've been getting all my inspiration for these from just being with Treasure Hunt Boy; I'm soooooo happy! It's our 6 month anniversary on Jan 17th (yey!) so we're going away this weekend to celebrate. We got a super deal on a 5* hotel within walking distance from the beach in Bournemouth (I LOVE THE BEACH!) and I think we'll have a super time. I CAN'T WAIT!

Hope you're having a lovely Thursday whatever you're up to and that you're (maybe!) feeling loved up tooooo!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Second entry!

Hey there!

I haven't got very much time to write today but I wanted to get something up for your eyeballs! ENJOY!

I'm still not 100% on the colours but I'll play about with that tomorrow!

Monday, 9 January 2012

First competition of the year!

Happy Monday everybody!

Hope your weekend was super, mine was pretty good! On Friday I stayed with a friend and she cooked Polish food for me (her Mum is from there). I've never had it before but it was incredibly nice, mmm!

So, I've decided to enter the extended "What is Love?" competition held by Tigerprint and here's my first entry. I think I'll submit 3 all in all unless I have any other ideas over the next few days! It's a little different from my other designs but I hope you like it all the same :-)

:-) more to follow tomorrow! xxxx

Friday, 6 January 2012

Thrifty Nana


Ahh, Friday! Although it does seem that it is Tuesday or Wednesday instead... hmmm, odd!

This week I have mainly been busying myself with A NEW BLOG idea I've had called thrifty nana. The dreaded credit crunch has hit us all hard and I've always been a believer that people love a bargain or a tip or two. I wanted to create a space to share ideas and help others who don't necessarily have the advice or knowledge that I've been exposed to. I'm hoping each post will feature a tip and useful money saving advice; let's see how we get on, eh?!

Hope you have a super weekend!
Nanny xxx

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Feeling glum?

Hey all :-)

*one for the designers/arty types out there*

It's that time of year when everything seems a little dull and everyone is on a bit of a downer from Christmas/NYE. Decorations are coming down, diets are starting, exercise plans are resuming (I re-joined my gym yesterday, groan!), bank accounts are empty and generally everyone is a bit less smiley. I'm doing my best to be perky but my work colleagues are a particularly hard bunch to crack! Readers you can always cheer yourself up with my absolutely free calendar and wallpaper downloads if you haven't got them already! You can find high resolution versions here!

I've literally just updated my website to include some of my recent commissions (on my contact me page). I featured a snippet from this one last year; it's nice to be able to show the whole thing now!

Hope you're not feeling too glum lovely readers; there will be more ramblings and pics tomorrow!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello lovely readers!

Hope you had a truly marvellous Christmas and New Year; I did! I got lots of wonderful gifts and saw most of the people I was hoping to so I feel rather smug with myself, ha ha :-D Also, it was Treasure Hunt Boy and I's first Christmas together which felt super special :-) I'm very happpppyyyyyyyyy!

This is my first day back at work due to me being quite poorly and having to reluctantly take the first working day of the year off sick (not a very good impression or start to 2012 but ho-hum!). I'm feeling much better today but still a bit groggy so please excuse my lack of drawings for you to peep at :-( However, HERE is my NYE fancy dress costume made entirely by my fair hands for your amusement:

I'll have a proper Nanny pic for you all tomorrow, woop! :-)
ps: it's good to be back! I've missed youuuuuuu!