Wednesday, 4 May 2011


HURROW!! I'm BAAAAAAAAACK!!! I feel so awful about not blogging for the past week (bar the Royal Wedding re-post), not just for the people that read it (ah, thank you!) but also for myself. I've mentioned before that this is like a bit of therapy for me and I really have missed it! I've been doing lots of self discovery and personal healing type things (especially over the last week, menial tasks like tiling get you thinking A LOT. Photos to follow once completed!) and as strange as it sounds, this blog is documenting my getting better.

ANYWAY!! enough emotional stuff (for now) and HELLO to all my BEE-AUTIFUL readers! Hope you all had a superb Easter and enjoyed that spectacular wedding!! Between you and I, I was hoping the dress would be a bit more sparkly and spangly (omg, I love shiny things) but Kate did look absolutely wonderful all the same! I had a bit of lovely news over Easter but I will be posting about that next time...WHAT A TEASE!



  1. Aww, I am so glad I met you at A&A's wedding! I so need some nanny-ing (like you really wouldn't believe - me and Tom had bad news this week)..

    We got our photos of A&A's wedding back and there's some definite wobbly-from-drinking pics... Saw yours on Facebook and they were pretty mint - love how they went so fast from sober and collected to drunk and mental!

    Were you tiling yourself? Get a hold of your bad-ass DIY-ing self! Hope it looks lovely.

  2. Good to have you back! I think that you would be very happy to hear that yesterday was May the Fourth, and that means that you could have said 'May the Fourth be with you!' all day long! I love the picture, bringing lots of sunshine and colour! I look forward to seeing the photos. Take care.

  3. Hey lovelies :-) Thanks for your messages!

    Luce, hope my posts manage to bring some sunshine into your day and things look up for you, will text you in a bit! ARRRRGGGH the wedding photos ended up being messy!

    Book Florist: And it's so lovely to have your comments on here!! I wasn't aware of "May the fourth" yesterday! do'h! Weirdly my alarm didn't go off on Tuesday morning and IN MY DREAM Admiral Ackbar popped up and shouted "It's a trap!" to wake me up from sleeping more! Sure enough, it was 8.30am!! ARRRGGH! I had five minutes to get ready! Thank goodness for the dream version of Ackbar! ... deary me I'm such a nerd! ha ha ha! xxx