Thursday, 26 May 2011

I'm done with Christmas... for this week anyway

Howdy all :-)

This must be some kind of record; start to finish I've done ELEVEN (ooh, actually my lucky number) designs in four days! Unfortunately a lot of those are Christmas designs so I'm not sure I can post any of them...  BUT NEVER FEAR! I CAN POST THIS:

Needless to say, with all the Christmas-ing and kitchen-ing I am quite exhausted. As a treat I am going to see Legally Blonde at the Savoy theatre tonight with four of my beautiful buddies. This does mean I won't get home until late but I will be having a lie in tomorrow, phew.

NINJA ASSASSIN CAT UPDATE: This morning when I left for work THERE WAS A CAT WAITING FOR ME!! It kept a very careful eye on me and then went into aloof /stealth mode as soon as I got into my car as if to say, "just keep going lady, just keeeeeeep going". I am concerned...

* Book Florist, your crow story is a worrying one (see comment on my last post other readers), it can only lead to bad things! MAKE IT UP TO THAT CROW QUICKLY! Perhaps invest in some tasty crow food?! *

s-a xxx

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  1. Thanks for your reference to me! That's not a bad ideas, actually! Maybe a chunk of fruit and nut museli bar from my lunch could be spared as motive for a peace treaty...

    Have fun at the movies! I am absolutely going to have a big chick-flick and junk-food day with my friends once we're into the holidays. I really can't wait.

    I love your sheep's nose, by the way.