Monday, 16 May 2011

Blogger goes crazy

Hiya guys!
I intendeded on posting this chappy at the end of last week but Blogger went a bit mental and I was unable to. WHAT A PILE OF POOP :-(  BUT NEVER FEAR! It means more Nanny loveliness for you this week instead! YEAH!!

Hope you all had a fun weekend; I spent about 20 hours DIY-ing! Mainly tiling and grouting (I now have a hole burnt into my finger from grouting; OUCH!) but I also got some painting done too. Luckily, I had my gorgeous Mum (in the pic with me, above!) helping and then my sis dropped by for a visit which was funny as always. SOOOOOO, the kitchen is ALMOST done now. I'm hopefully going to finish it off this weekend with my Dad... urrrgggh I have a feeling it may take longer though! Defo will be posting pics once it's done as I'm so pleased with all our hard work! xxx

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  1. Aww, that's such a super nice photo of you and your mum.

    We're on our first day of painting the hallway & stairs... it's such a huge job! 2nd coat tomorrow, plus starting on the woodwork, then wallpapering one wall on Wednesday... But we're getting someone in to put new carpet down and fix the bannisters (maybe next time we're paid!).
    Can't wait to see pics of your handiwork!