Wednesday, 26 September 2012

HALF WAY through the week already!

Howdy Ho lovely readers!

Somehow it's Wednesday already and weirdly it feels like a Monday... Perhaps it's because I've not posted in ages and I still have lots to be getting on with this week - EEK!

GOOD NEWS THOUGH! My printing order has been shipped early; fingers crossed I get it this week as a local greetings and gifts shop (details to follow once confirmed!) would like to sell some of my cards and prints (YESSSSSS!) and it would be amazing if I could give them some bits this Saturday! WOOP!


Monday, 17 September 2012


Hello All!

Hope things are good with you :-) I seem to be blogging less and less these days :-( BOOO!

Just thought I'd keep you up to date; I'm currently reworking some old designs in order to get them to standard for printing... OOOOH NEW PRINT RUN! Here are a couple to keep you going :-)

(this was square before!)

(this was all over the shop before!)
More news as and when I can divulge, EXCITING TIMES LIE AHEAD! xxx

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Coming to the end of London 2012

Hello everyone,

It is getting pretty late but I was adamant that I was going to post today so here it is with 40mins of Thursday left to spare! ha ha!

Have any of you been watching the Olympics and Paralympic games? I have despite the fact I'm not sporty at all. Well, BLIMEY! I've suddenly got dozens of new heroes to look up to especially the Paralympians. Imagine having a disability but overcoming the odds to represent your country at such a prestigious event; the hours of training and the discipline involved is just mind blowing and so utterly commendable.

This is sort of sport/Olympic themed:

Spoon would defo win; Egg is too cumbersome and wobbly! ha ha ha! Poor old Egg :-) xxxx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Back home!

Hello all!

It's so good to be home, did you miss me?! he he he! I've actually been home for a week now but it's been manic (isn't it always?) and this is the first opportunity I've had to write/draw - sorry I've not been able to do more :-(
My holiday to Florida was so much fun but rather exhausting; we did a theme park almost every day. It feels a bit like I need another holiday to get over this one! I didn't get up to as much drawing as I would've liked, I was simply too tired at the end of the day which a bit of a poor excuse but I'm going to make a HUGE effort to draw as much as possible now I'm settled in a bit more in my new job.

1. You can now BUY SOME OF MY CARDS (in the USA) from! Click here to see them! YIPPPEEEEE!

2. I have a client interested in several designs to go into a major Card Chain! Will update you when I can!

3. I've drawn this for you!!!!

 ENJOY! :-) xxx