Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Ooh hello June, how are you?

Hiya all!

Well fancy that, it's June already! This year is going so quickly don't you think? So far it's been splendid so here's hoping the rest of the year will be just as great.

Hmmm, I haven't posted for a while and for this I apologise lover-leeeee followers. As you will see from this rather green montage I have been busying myself with many things including gardening and pruning and preening (check out those cactus flowers!!)...

...(the gorgeous geese in the middle were rambling about by the lake which is walking distance from my house, aka the princess palace) and as I have been harping on about for AGES, I have been doing my kitchen!! Here are two sneaky before and after pics. I say sneaky as I kinda want to "reveal" the new room to my family and friends once it's completely done (oh yes, there's still quite a bit to dooooo).

BEFORE (omg how did I live like this for 1.5 years?!! GROSS):


Unfortunately I've not had time to do any doodles for the pleasure of your eyeballs, sozzle! Promise I will be back to my normal drawing output next week :-)

Hope things are shiny and happy where you are xxx


  1. that looks gorgeous - I love the crystal-ly door knobs. And is that your tiling work? It looks really professional (of course it would, you're in Team Great!). Wowsers.

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry! I totally skipped reading this post by accident! Anyway, I'm come back to look, and I have got to commend you! The improvement is huge. I really truthfully love what you have done, as it is very similar to what I imagine I would have done - very simple, but quaint and whimsical and spring-warm. It looks very lovely. Take care.