Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday gets my stamp of approval


Yipeeeeeeeee! Thank goodness the working week is almost over, I am so tired! Hmmm... I have quite a busy weekend ahead but I'll make sure to get plenty of sleeps to keep me going :-)

Ooh, so as I mentioned in my last post, I went to see Legally Blonde the musical (at the Savoy theatre). It was BRILLIANT! I would highly recommend to anyone who loves singing and dancing and glitter ;-) It was actually very funny (more so than the film in some ways) and I simply adored the two doggies involved! One thing that was not so brilliant however, was having to use the Tube to get there. It smelled of wee and seemed to have more than the average amount of weirdos on there. I'm not sure how people commute on the Tube every day; I get quite unsettled being stuck underground with hundreds of random but very grumpy looking people... !

Have a lovely weekend all :-D  woo-hoo bank holiday Monday makes it a 3 day-er! woop!
Nanny s-a xxx

Thursday, 26 May 2011

I'm done with Christmas... for this week anyway

Howdy all :-)

This must be some kind of record; start to finish I've done ELEVEN (ooh, actually my lucky number) designs in four days! Unfortunately a lot of those are Christmas designs so I'm not sure I can post any of them...  BUT NEVER FEAR! I CAN POST THIS:

Needless to say, with all the Christmas-ing and kitchen-ing I am quite exhausted. As a treat I am going to see Legally Blonde at the Savoy theatre tonight with four of my beautiful buddies. This does mean I won't get home until late but I will be having a lie in tomorrow, phew.

NINJA ASSASSIN CAT UPDATE: This morning when I left for work THERE WAS A CAT WAITING FOR ME!! It kept a very careful eye on me and then went into aloof /stealth mode as soon as I got into my car as if to say, "just keep going lady, just keeeeeeep going". I am concerned...

* Book Florist, your crow story is a worrying one (see comment on my last post other readers), it can only lead to bad things! MAKE IT UP TO THAT CROW QUICKLY! Perhaps invest in some tasty crow food?! *

s-a xxx

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Christmas Design Break, oh and an apology!

Hello Everyone!

Lots and lots of Christmas designing has been going on in Nanny S-A world and tbh, I just needed a break so I got on with this instead! The idea popped into my head when I was in a (rather dull) business meeting the other day. I find the best thing to do in said business meetings is to take a pad and pen in and jot things down. This serves two purposes: (i)  I don't forget important illustration type things like the above and (ii) it looks like I am listening and taking notes for what I should be concentrating on (oh I hope my boss doesn't read this!). I have come up with several ideas in boring meetings; in a way I should be pleased that I'm in them!!

Oh dear, Nanny's made a boo-boo! I would like to apologise to Made With Love who I mentioned in my last post, I refered to them as "she" when in fact it was a MR. MADE WITH LOVE who gave me the helpful hint that time! Sorry! Made With Love are an online boutique specialising in wedding and events stationery, hand crafted greetings cards & fabulous gifts & furniture. Please readers visit their facebook page here, thank you!

On a final note, I think I am going mental. I was observing the neighbourhood cats yesterday and I reckon they are trained assasins. They're so sneaky and always seem like they're on a secret mission AND if anyone walks by they simply look aloof and blend into the background. I adore cats so hopefully they aren't after me...


Monday, 23 May 2011

New week, new challenges

Howdy doody peeps!

Hope you had an awesome weekend :-) The wedding on Friday was lovely; the bride looked absolutely gorgeous and I boo-hoo'd my eyes out when the couple were saying their vows, I just couldn't help it! Needless to say the day was great BUT THE HANGOVER THE NEXT DAY was pooooooo :-( all I managed to do was watch the whole of the X-Men box set (three films), eat a whole pizza and er, that was about it! On Sunday I woke up at noon... disgraceful! But I did redeem myself by doing lots of DIY, gardening and drawing. Phew!

My agent over at The Paintbox emailed last week asking for lots of Christmas designs so I'll be busying myself with all that is red, gold and green. Jingle Bells! But it's only May?! And sunny and warm?! A liker on my facebook page (Made With Love) said she draws the curtains, puts on some crimbo tunes and has a Baileys to get into the Christmas spirit?!!! Ha! Think I'll be trying that later!
Nanny s-a xxx

Thursday, 19 May 2011


Hello all :-) 

One of my oldest friends, the lovely Frampy Fruit Bat (aka Alex), is getting MARRIED TOMORROW so today is my last day at work for this week: WAAA-HOOOOODLE ALL AROUND!! I simply adore weddings, I think it's fantastic when people make that sort of commitment to one another! YIP!

The rest of the weekend I will be finishing my kitchen (gah! when will it end?!!), so unfortunately I will leave the Chillin' to the ice cubes above! I've got a busy week of work (both graphic design and illustrating) next week so I don't think I'll be relaxing for a while... hope you guys are able to grab some "me time"!! xxx 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Time to vote!

Hiya lovelies!

My latest Threadless submission has been accepted and is now up for voting, YIP! I would be most appreciative if you could follow this link and vote for it! Create an account (it takes two ticks, promise) and then rate the design from 1 to 5. CHOOSE 5!! HA! The higher the average score at the end, the better chance it has at actually becoming a T-shirt which, let's face it, would be SUPER DUPER. OOOH, almost forgot, you need to tick to say you'd buy it as a Tee (right hand side of image). Shameless plug over!!

I am slightly hungover today as a result of an evening of ta-da-super-fun with my sister and her bestie Claire. The hang isn't bothering me as much as it usually would as I'm feeling incredibly positive today, phew :-) !! I have been making an incredibly maaaaahoooosive effort to sort out my emotional crud (especially over the past month) and I finally am seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I actually feel myself again; it's such a relief as I felt like I was simply drifting through life and decisions were making themselves rather than being controlled by me. I feel like I've got my grip back on life and that everything that happens now is a direct result of my hard work and choices. GO ME!! Shameless self indulgent moment over!!

He he he, Nanny xxx

Monday, 16 May 2011

Threadless submission 2

Sooooo seeing as I had such positive feedback from my last Threadless Tees Submission, I decided to do another! Tbh I have a few ideas for Threadless; hopefully one of them will get printed! I'll let you know if/when "voting" takes place, thanks again to everyone who voted last time :-)

Nanny s-a x

Blogger goes crazy

Hiya guys!
I intendeded on posting this chappy at the end of last week but Blogger went a bit mental and I was unable to. WHAT A PILE OF POOP :-(  BUT NEVER FEAR! It means more Nanny loveliness for you this week instead! YEAH!!

Hope you all had a fun weekend; I spent about 20 hours DIY-ing! Mainly tiling and grouting (I now have a hole burnt into my finger from grouting; OUCH!) but I also got some painting done too. Luckily, I had my gorgeous Mum (in the pic with me, above!) helping and then my sis dropped by for a visit which was funny as always. SOOOOOO, the kitchen is ALMOST done now. I'm hopefully going to finish it off this weekend with my Dad... urrrgggh I have a feeling it may take longer though! Defo will be posting pics once it's done as I'm so pleased with all our hard work! xxx

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Too much to dooooo, what to dooooo first?

Hey Hey Hey :-D

Giving blood yesterday went fine despite the nurse who had the job of stabbing me with the needle saying I looked "quite unhappy". Hmmm, that was a bit of an understatement! To make the time go by and help my blood pump faster, I sang along (through the powers of my imagination, woah!) to one of my favourite upbeat, fast paced songs! IT WORKED. I was all done after about 5 minutes, phew!

So I am an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and like to think of myself as a Writer too (although I've not had anything published as of yet, THERE ARE SO MANY STORIES IN MY HEAD THOUGH) but how ever am I to fit all of this in?!! Hmm, I need to make time somehow! Hmmm, this is unrelated to anything but I felt like I needed to write it down. Oh dear!
(My apologies, I couldn't think of anything amusing for the sticks to say! Your suggestions are welcome as I think I'll be revisiting this idea in the future...)  BYEEEEEEEEE xxxxx

Monday, 9 May 2011

Jovial Jolly-ness

Happy Monday All!

This is for you if you suffer from Monday blues :-) I'm quite fortunate that I am generally a happy person, it must be awful waking up at the beginning of the week (or any day for that matter) and wishing it was over already... I'd say 95% of the time I'm happy which is more than most HENCE my desire to spread some of this JOLLITY and WA-HOOO and YIPPEEE around as much as possible.

I am feeling smug today as I'm giving blood this evening. I am quite scared (even though I've done it several times before!) but I like knowing that I can help people merely by producing blood, so I know I won't chicken out last minute. If you haven't given blood before and you are healthy and able to, it is completely worth it. Not only do you get free biscuits, crisps, squash and tea (!!!!) BUT one pint of your blood can help up to 3 people which is pretty neat if you think about it ;-)

Friday, 6 May 2011

Four day week :-D

Hiya :-)

Ahhh, I am still loving the repercussions from all these bank holidays. My body clock is telling me it's Wednesday for some reason (surely it should be Thursday?!) but it is in fact everyone's favourite day: FANTASTIC FRIDAY!! Yip yip! I have a lovely weekend ahead planned, hope you do too :-)

Something summery for you seeing as it's so sunshiny here; ahem:

The end! xxx

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Congrats to Caroline and Dave

Happy Thursday eveyone!

Soooo, as I mentioned yesterday I had some simpy wonderful news over the holidays; my friend Caroline and her nutty hubby Dave welcomed baby Jacob into the world on Easter Sunday!! LUCKY!! As I had been elbow deep in kitchen tile adhesive, I was unable to get to my Mac and finish this any sooner. Hmmm, better a bit late than REALLY late I guess! SO... TA-DA!! HERE IT IS!!

Caroline is obsessed with Bananas; she thinks they are the solution to any problem and even carries them in her handbag. Dave loves Sausage Dogs ALMOST as much as I do but calls them Weiner dogs (I think) as he is Canadian :-)
I can't wait to meet little Jacob! WOOP! He's sure to be an ace baby seeing as his parents are some of the most sweet people I know. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE! NEW BABY!! xxx

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


HURROW!! I'm BAAAAAAAAACK!!! I feel so awful about not blogging for the past week (bar the Royal Wedding re-post), not just for the people that read it (ah, thank you!) but also for myself. I've mentioned before that this is like a bit of therapy for me and I really have missed it! I've been doing lots of self discovery and personal healing type things (especially over the last week, menial tasks like tiling get you thinking A LOT. Photos to follow once completed!) and as strange as it sounds, this blog is documenting my getting better.

ANYWAY!! enough emotional stuff (for now) and HELLO to all my BEE-AUTIFUL readers! Hope you all had a superb Easter and enjoyed that spectacular wedding!! Between you and I, I was hoping the dress would be a bit more sparkly and spangly (omg, I love shiny things) but Kate did look absolutely wonderful all the same! I had a bit of lovely news over Easter but I will be posting about that next time...WHAT A TEASE!