Thursday, 31 May 2012

chilling out

Hello lovely readers,

I've been taking it easy today as I've been putting myself under so much pressure recently. I'm so afraid of failure... I have to keep reminding myself that it takes a long time to achieve what you want; hmmm... if only I could work out exactly what that was I'd be happy! Anyways, seeing as I've had a bit of a relaxing one today (I even started a book today, I read it on the sofa in my conservatory! Lucky!) I've not had time to draw so here are a couple of bits from my sketchbook. YES YES I know it's not as good as the finished things but beggars can't be choosers right?!

If I'm unable to post tomorrow, I hope you all have a super bank holiday/Jubilicious weekend!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Can't be bothered to cook

Hey hey guys and gals,

How goes it?! After quite a full on day yesterday I really wasn't in the mood for well, anything let alone cooking so the lovely THB ended up sorting dinner (tortellini, yum yum). It made me think that sometimes I should just give in and have a couple of frozen meals handy for cases such as these... I normally cook everything from scratch you see. Today's pic:

MMMM, sausages.... xxxx

Friday, 25 May 2012

A little squirrely fun

What a scorching hot day!

It makes me happy that my work situation is the way that it is! :-) OH HELLO BTW! Hope you're shiny and well. I have a meeting on Monday so I've been busy working on a few things. Remember the Squirrel design from last week? Well here's what I had in mind for it! Enjoy:

Oh and here's a notebook utilising the same design:

Hope you manage to get outside and get some of that sunshine, I'm about to have a late lunch in the garden: YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE! xxxx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sunny - at last!

Hello hello hello,

WOWSERS! Look at all this lovely sunshine! What a difference it has made generally to everyone's mood and state of mind; most people I've been in contact with have been so happy and smiley :-) Despite feeling a bit wobbly about my own work/money situation, I somehow feel assured that it's all going to be ok... I can't help but put that down to Mr. Sun!

Some obvious effects have been felt in my conservatory:

YEY! As the last text says, these are sunflower seedlings which weirdly appeared in my hanging baskets?! My Mum seems to think local squirrels have been at work here! I swiftly removed them from said baskets and re-potted them in the hope that they'll have a better chance if given their own space. Besides, massive Sunflowers hanging in small baskets around my garden would look quite ridiculous!

Drawing to follow tomorrow with any luck :-) xxxxxx

Monday, 21 May 2012


Hello all,

Hope you all had a great weekend; mine involved gardening and a murder mystery party (I was a cheerleader and NOT the murderer, phew!).

I am VERY TIRED today after a whole day on my feet so this post will be short and sweet I'm afraid. I wanted to get this out there for you to enjoy though so do excuse the lack of words!

lots of love, Nanny zzzzzzzzzzzz xxxx

Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday glum day

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all smiles, I'm feeling glum today :-( After being in a very tricky situation I made a decision and ended up upsetting a friend. Unfortunately there's not much I can do to make things better... whichever way I chose, somebody was going to be sad. Just wish I knew how to make things better...

A posho cat for posho cat owners:

Have a lovely weekend guys xxx

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Hey guys!

What a crazy up and down week again, I literally have been up and down and all over the place but I'm pleased to tell you things should be a lot calmer and posting should be more regular here on in. Mainly because: I'VE BEEN OFFERED A PART TIME JOB! This now means I can concentrate properly on my illustrations in my free time without feeling like I should be looking for permanent work! YEY!

Today's illo is a work in progress, I'm hoping to make this into a repeat pattern at some point:

I'm looking forward to being in some sort of routine now I have a job, thanks for putting up with my willy-nilly posting. I like to show 3 new drawings a week so this has really been hurting me more than it's been hurting you guys but I'm sorry all the same! Speak soon, Nanny xxxx

Friday, 11 May 2012

Friday funday

Happy Friday to you all!

Hope your week has been super duper!
So, the quest to find a job is sort of coming to fruition; I had a mini interview on Tuesday which went well (I think...!) and I have a mini trial today! EXCITING! YEY! Fingers, toes, arms and EVERYTHING ELSE crossed that this works out ok!

Today's drawing, sorry it took so long:

Hope you have a great weekend :-) xxxx

Thursday, 10 May 2012

I must apologise again...

Hey all!

Hope you're managing to stay chirpy! I've had a right roller-coaster of a time these past couple of weeks; interviews, agency interest and a bank holiday weekend that was so action packed I'm only just recovering now! So my sincere apologies for the lack of posts, I'm hoping to resume illustrating shortly, hope you've not missed it too much!

No illo for you today but a little crafty idea instead. I had a couple of ramekins which I was going to recycle when I had the idea to make them into tea-light holders! I secured a length of wire around each and made a handle... et voila! Cute :-) Now, where should I put them?

Hand drawn images will resume soon, promise!
ta ta for now xxx

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Congratulations Frampy!

Hello everyone!

Hope you're well :-) I want to take this opportunity to congratulate one of my dearest friends Frampy Fruit bat (aka Alex) and her hubby Dave on the arrival of their first baby, Thomas Jeremy! He weighed in at a whopping 9lb 6!! Wowzers! I am so thrilled for them both and simply cannot wait to meet the little guy! YEY!

On a personal note and after a few rather frustrating days I've made some decisions and... I feel very good about them! Sorry to be so cryptic but that's all I'm going to say for now! I need to stay positive and focussed on my goal here, I'm very excited! YEY!

keep smiling peeps! xxxx