Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Too much to dooooo, what to dooooo first?

Hey Hey Hey :-D

Giving blood yesterday went fine despite the nurse who had the job of stabbing me with the needle saying I looked "quite unhappy". Hmmm, that was a bit of an understatement! To make the time go by and help my blood pump faster, I sang along (through the powers of my imagination, woah!) to one of my favourite upbeat, fast paced songs! IT WORKED. I was all done after about 5 minutes, phew!

So I am an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and like to think of myself as a Writer too (although I've not had anything published as of yet, THERE ARE SO MANY STORIES IN MY HEAD THOUGH) but how ever am I to fit all of this in?!! Hmm, I need to make time somehow! Hmmm, this is unrelated to anything but I felt like I needed to write it down. Oh dear!
(My apologies, I couldn't think of anything amusing for the sticks to say! Your suggestions are welcome as I think I'll be revisiting this idea in the future...)  BYEEEEEEEEE xxxxx


  1. I know what that feels like!
    I have all these assignments that I'm trying to write, and then I have 'The Woman in White' that I'm trying to read, and on top of that, I'm trying to blog, play cello (that one's being a bit unsuccessful at the moment), relearn my lines from a previous act to perform on short notice, eat a big enough breakfast to keep my tummy from rumbling all morning, have teeth, have a dog, have a brother, and have friends. Also, there is a constant nibbling annoyance in my mind about my writing. I haven't done it for a couple of years at least, and not at all because I've forgotten or pushed it away, but because I am hopeless at coming up with the ideas! Oh the horror! I've tried many things, but they're just not getting the creative juices flowing. I could easily whack out a few children's books, but I'd love to exploit my vocabulary and love for the classics in something more elaborate. Ay me. How is your writing going so far? What sort of things are you writing?

  2. Always enjoy your cute & humourous illustrations. Have you written any children's books?

  3. Ahhhhhhh! BF you are in some serious need of some chill time!! Um what do you mean by "have teeth"??? Surely we all have teeth?! ... The writing is going ok thanks but now my actual real day job of Graphic Designing (rather than my fun Illustration one) is stepping up a gear so I will probably have less time than normal to concentrate on it all. Um, do you feel like you're coping with everything? BLIMEY!

    COH I am in the process of writing two children's books but it's quite hard to find my "voice". I think you can tell I'm a cheerful and quite animated sort but the books KEEP WRITING THEMSELVES (I accept no responsibility; the stories want to be written!) in a more serious tone... It is sometimes difficult not to feel like the whole thing is a bit contrived.
    Very pleased you like the illustrations, I know it's soppy but I just want to make others happy! :-) xxx

  4. When I said 'have teeth', I was using a single phrase to maybe inadequetly cover a whole cacophony of orphodontic troubles! It's actually quite funny. My orthodontist put a wire in upside down, so that the spoke on it (meant for keeping a rubber band in place) poked upwards into my mouth instead of down. The spokes were clicking on my teeth, and I had to get another appointment at short notice to get it fixed up. Anyway, I went in and the orthodontist took it out, dropped it on the floor, picked it up again and put it back in (get this!) still the wrong way round! He then realized that he had made the same mistake again and fixed it, but it was getting a bit weird there for a moment. Anyway, that is what 'having teeth' consists of for me, at least for now. Nanny, when you have done a book, make sure you let us know how we can buy it, because I am sure that it will be beautiful and I will just HAVE to have one! Take care.