Thursday, 6 June 2013

Wishes coming true...

Hello lovely Readers out there in Blogland!

How are things? Hopefully things are happy and well for you!

I really feel that my hard work is paying off and that some of my dreams and wishes are coming true. Firstly, I've just had a major order FINALLY go through (which I've been wanting to tell you about for ages) with Cards Galore, 20 of my designs will be exclusively sold in over 50 stores in London and then the surrounding areas if successful enough! Here's hoping! Hooray!

Secondly I've been offered permanent part time work at McLaren which means I can still pay my mortgage but also have dedicated time each week (that I'm not going to feel guilty about taking) to spend on building up my illustration and design business (new website still being designed!).

And finally, THB and I have been very grown up and after much planning... HAVE BOUGHT A HOUSE TOGETHER! It's still in the early stages but I am understandably, very excited about it! WOO!

New design for you, hope all your wishes come truuuueeee!!