Saturday, 29 December 2012

post Christmas Blues...

Hello all!

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas time :-) I am so sorry for my silence during the past month, it was an incredibly busy time for me as I'm sure was the same for you. The craft fair really started things off well though by putting me in a good mood and I had lots of parties and celebrations on the run up to the big day itself! This was all very well and good but it also meant I was constantly distracted from getting on with some drawing... not good at all! Oh well... Here's hoping 2013 allows me a little more time for my Nanny S-A drawings as the tail end of 2012 hasn't exactly been as I'd hoped illustration wise.

On Christmas Eve THB noticed that my outfit that day WAS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE REVERSE OF MY CARDS!!! WOOP WOOP!!! What do you think? :-)

Anyways, THB and I are on the downwards slope from Christmas but also on a slightly upwards climb to NYE! Perhaps this little chap is getting balloons ready for the final day of the year?! :-)


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Post Craft Fair FRENZY!


I sincerely hope you're well and feeling in the Christmas spirit already, I put up my Xmas decorations with THB last night whilst listening to cheesey CRIMBO music - HURRAH!

So as an update for you all, the Christmas fair was a success despite it being quiet on the day. I was thrilled with the feedback I was getting and met some lovely people which truly has boosted my confidence. I feel like I can actually do this and do this well! YEESSSSSSSS!

As a direct result of the fair, I've set up my ETSY STORE now which is just so ruddy exciting! I still need to add more items, keep an eye out for future posts!

I'm hoping to sell lots of Christmas cards during the next couple of weeks, I have limited stock but I'd like to sell out if possible!

Pick and Mix from the above stating what designs you'd like and quantities then I'll get them to you asap! You can contact me via my Facebook page:
1 = £1.50, 5 = £6.50, 10 = £12, 20 = £20 

Monday, 26 November 2012

Craft Fair is looming! YESSSSSSS

Hello lovely readers,

My lack of posting can only be explained by the fact that I have been preparing my butt off for this Sunday's Craft fair in Maidenhead! I'm soooooooo looking forward to it!

I have loads of products including cards, prints, magnets, hangings (above), mugs and much more! Pop along if you can, I'd love to see you! :-)


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

mmmmmmmmagnet design

Hiya guys and gals,

Its all go go go here so unfortunately I can't write much, booo! I'v been ordering new cards, prints, mugs and magnets for my first craft fair which is the first weekend in Dec, yipppeeeeeee! I'll be ordering other bits and bobs too, can't wait for it all to be delivered, eeeeek!

Hope you like this little design:

 Nan xxxxx

Thursday, 1 November 2012



Sorry this isn't much of a blog but it is way past my bedtime already! SLEEP WELL FAVOURITE READERS!


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween... or Christmas?


Howdy folks! Hope you're doing well :-)

So it appears to be Halloween tomorrow but I'm still totally wrapped up in Christmas! I wonder when the festive spirit will end?!

this is one of my favourites from my new designs, hope you like it too! xxx

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Christmas times - in October!


Hope you're feeling happy and jolly!
So, I've been busying myself with yet MORE Christmas designs! I'll be putting in a order very soon with my Printers for varying items which is VERY EXCITING. Let me know if you're interested in some cards and I'll order some for youuuuuu!

S-A xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Hellooooo everyone!

I've been busy busy busy yet again prepping for Christmas and looking into a craft fair I'm doing (my first one - eeeeek!) first weekend in December. Strangely, I had a wonderful phone call today from a lovely lady who had seen my cards in Alboe and wanted to know if I'd be interested in doing another craft fair with her?! How wonderful and coincidental is that? Unfortunately I'm at my best buddies 30th birthday party that weekend but I'm hoping I'll be able to join them at another time!

A Crimbo sneaky peek:

I have literally LOADS of Christmas ideas so expect more to follow soon! S-A xxx

Wednesday, 17 October 2012



Hope everything is super happy where you are, I am happy but extremely pooped. I'm really going to try to post a few more pics as it's making me sad that I've not been sharing as much as I would've liked! Bare with me, the jibber jabber and doodlings hopefully will increase!

Today's design (another lovey one as Treasure Hunt Boy and I are feeling muchos happy!):

lots of love, Nanny xxxxxx

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Hello all in blog land!

Here's hoping you've had a restful week to make up for the fact that I have literally been working for FOUR DAYS straight in order to get my first set of character developments for one of my agents done! Yes, you read that right! I have a full time job so it means all illustrations are strictly during my spare time, I'm pooped now! Here's a little taster:

I have stuff to tell you but I really must go to bed!
Speak soon xxxx

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

HALF WAY through the week already!

Howdy Ho lovely readers!

Somehow it's Wednesday already and weirdly it feels like a Monday... Perhaps it's because I've not posted in ages and I still have lots to be getting on with this week - EEK!

GOOD NEWS THOUGH! My printing order has been shipped early; fingers crossed I get it this week as a local greetings and gifts shop (details to follow once confirmed!) would like to sell some of my cards and prints (YESSSSSS!) and it would be amazing if I could give them some bits this Saturday! WOOP!


Monday, 17 September 2012


Hello All!

Hope things are good with you :-) I seem to be blogging less and less these days :-( BOOO!

Just thought I'd keep you up to date; I'm currently reworking some old designs in order to get them to standard for printing... OOOOH NEW PRINT RUN! Here are a couple to keep you going :-)

(this was square before!)

(this was all over the shop before!)
More news as and when I can divulge, EXCITING TIMES LIE AHEAD! xxx

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Coming to the end of London 2012

Hello everyone,

It is getting pretty late but I was adamant that I was going to post today so here it is with 40mins of Thursday left to spare! ha ha!

Have any of you been watching the Olympics and Paralympic games? I have despite the fact I'm not sporty at all. Well, BLIMEY! I've suddenly got dozens of new heroes to look up to especially the Paralympians. Imagine having a disability but overcoming the odds to represent your country at such a prestigious event; the hours of training and the discipline involved is just mind blowing and so utterly commendable.

This is sort of sport/Olympic themed:

Spoon would defo win; Egg is too cumbersome and wobbly! ha ha ha! Poor old Egg :-) xxxx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Back home!

Hello all!

It's so good to be home, did you miss me?! he he he! I've actually been home for a week now but it's been manic (isn't it always?) and this is the first opportunity I've had to write/draw - sorry I've not been able to do more :-(
My holiday to Florida was so much fun but rather exhausting; we did a theme park almost every day. It feels a bit like I need another holiday to get over this one! I didn't get up to as much drawing as I would've liked, I was simply too tired at the end of the day which a bit of a poor excuse but I'm going to make a HUGE effort to draw as much as possible now I'm settled in a bit more in my new job.

1. You can now BUY SOME OF MY CARDS (in the USA) from! Click here to see them! YIPPPEEEEE!

2. I have a client interested in several designs to go into a major Card Chain! Will update you when I can!

3. I've drawn this for you!!!!

 ENJOY! :-) xxx

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Hello lovely peeps,

yes yes, I am well aware that I've not blogged in ages but I've been crazy at work (both my day job and illustration) PLUS I've been getting ready for MY HOLIDAY TO FLORIDA!!!! I had no internet access yesterday so couldn't blog so I'm actually writing from a computer in the departure lounge... As exciting as this may be, it means I can't post a pic for you like I wanted: BOOOOOOOOO!!!

Anywho, I'll be away for two and a bit weeks but I'm taking a sketch book and my camera so should have lots to blog about when I return :-)

Lots of loves and happy holidays :-) xxxxx

Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Howdy all!

Hope things are jolly for you; I am horrendously tired after a busy weekend of birthday fun (yes the birthday celebrations are STILL carrying on) and a very rushed couple of days trying to get my catalogue spread completed for Beehive Illustration! Here are a couple of snippets for youuuu!

plus an update of something I made last month....

lets hope I get some further interest out of it! :-) xxx

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Hey there loyal readers!

Alas, the past two weeks have been far busier than expected and I'm struggling to get into a routine drawing wise :-( I think I may have to work with existibg designs and create something new with them... LIKE THIS PERHAPS!!

unfortunately the printer who did these samples didn't understand my instruction to expand my pattern to fit their templates (perhaps he should've provided me with templates in the first place??!!) so these are mainly just an idea of print reproduction and quality but it defo gets my brain working on how best to impliment my existing designs onto products! MORE EXCITING STILL is that I have three orders already and I've only told two people about them! YEY!

hope you're all well and enjoying the summer so far :-) XXXXX

Thursday, 19 July 2012

What a week so far!

Hello to all of my beautiful blog readers!

I sincerely hope all of you are well and feeling summery! It seems the weather is FINALLY on the turn and that shy old Sun is now making more and more of an appearance!

I apologise in advance for my quick post but I'm off out to dinner but wanted to share my news with you; it's my BIRTHDAY TOMORROW (which is just the most exciting thing ever) and it seems I've got an early Birthday present as I'VE SOLD ANOTHER PIECE OF WORK! WOOP-LA!! YEY!
Remember this pattern I did a while ago?

I made a greetings card from it and it's sold! HOORAY! What do you think? :-)

In other non-related news, I'm getting on well in my new job! It's going to take a while to settle in but I'm trying to be uber smiley which seems to be helping! New work to follow as soon as I can! xxxx

Monday, 16 July 2012

it's supposed to be summer!

Hello hello hello :-)

Hope you had a great weekend! I did although it was ruddy well raining yet again! GRRR! I have literally everything crossed for some sun for this weekend, it can't possibly rain on my birthday... can it?!

Here's something to keep us going:

sorry for the short post, it was my first day in my new job today and I am pooped! It went quite well (fingers crossed) but I am in need of some rest now! xxx

Thursday, 12 July 2012


Hello again!

Weather update: so it was actually VERY SUNNY this morning! Can you believe it? Unfortunately it is now SPITTING just when I need to go out... make up your mind you silly Berkshire weather!

Right-o! I can now reveal the whole of the image which I sneakily gave you a peek of yesterday. This is one of the three pieces of artwork I've sold in the past week. I sold this one was through The Paintbox who I was signed to last year. The design utilises limited colour because the American client wants to add differing coloured foils, woop! How exciting! I wonder if I'll be able to purchase this when I visit Florida next month?!! Wishful thinking methinks... Anyway, hope you likey!


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

sneaky peek...

Howdy all!


Here is a sneaky peek of something to cheer us all up!

the orangey/red reminds me of the children's book Miffy; remember that cute little bunny? I used to (and still do, he he he) love her! xxxxx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New job next week and some good illustration news!

Hiya guys!

Hope the sun is shining where you are, it has been positively miserable for the past week or so. The sun keeps teasing me with a few warm rays then disappearing super quick only to leave soggy old rain clouds. Usually I quite like the rain but I'm planning a bbq this weekend and maybe one the following as IT IS MY BIRTHDAY NEXT WEEK. I hope the weather doesn't scupper my plans...

So, as the title suggests, I am indeed starting my NEW JOB on Monday 16/7. I'm pretty nervous but also very excited about what this could mean for my future! I went to Silverstone with the team last Thursday and had a super time despite not knowing much about F1/racing in general (that has got to change). It was a completely different world from what I'm used to but incredibly impressive with all the supercars and (now celebrity) drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button literally being about a metre away from me, WOOP!

In other more illustrative news, I'VE SOLD THREE PIECES OF WORK! HURRAH! Details will follow as and when I can release them! YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEE! Nanny is winning at the, er, game of life!

big kisses from me to you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and some little ones too: xxxxx

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

new comp!

Hey all!

Sorry I've been so quiet yet again. The redundancy has turned my life literally upside down and I have changed paths so many times in the past three months! The latest is that I've been applying to and attending several graphic design/design positions and... I've just been offered a job! YIPPEE! It's an 8 month maternity contract and I'll be working in McLaren's design department which will be amazing for my CV let alone my confidence! I start on 16th July (my birthday week - hurrah!) but I have literally just been asked to spend the day with them tomorrow at Silverstone! Wowzers! I feel so lucky! It means my illustration stuff will be put on a back burner for a bit but I have several projects up my sleeve so do expect some lovely character based stuffs to appear here soon!

Anyway, Tigerprint are holding another competition which is to design a print! Luckily I have done some pattern work as regular followers may already know so I thought I'd submit some designs and see what happens!

I will keep you posted! :-) xxxx

Thursday, 28 June 2012

this has taken too long!

Hello guys!

Hope you're all well. Things have been literally all over the shop yet again this week. I can't seem to keep a hold on my emotions, good grief! There are advancements in the pipeline but as always I can't go into detail until I know exactly what's going on!

Anywho, here is what I've been working on this week:

you can click on it to enlarge or look at this for detail!

ta da! xxxxx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

positive mental attitude


After yesterday's overall sad post I decided to be more positive today! I got up early, sorted some bits and pieces out (namely catching up with prospective work kinda things). I also created THIS...

...although I feel it should really read, "I can do it!" to help keep me going for a little longer! xxxx

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

knowing what to do

Hello there lovely readers,

As always, I hope you're jolly and all smiles! I, unfortunately, am all over the place! I don't know what to do for the best with regards to my illustration/graphic design/mortgage! URRRGGGH, it is so confusing. I keep getting little bites and glimmers of hope but then I am left wondering if I should have done something else! GAH!

A snippet of something I've been working on in piccie form (a pattern may be yet again on the cards!):

Oh I do hope my life gets unravelled soon! hope to post something bee-autiful soon :-) xxxxxxx

Thursday, 14 June 2012


fa la la la la!

It feels like FRIDAY today! I think that deserves a little HOORAY! How are you all? Smiley and jolly I hope :-) I don't have much to tell you right now but here is a little pic for you-hoo!

watch those pennies and the pounds will look after themselves, or so they say! xxx

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Howdy folks!

Hope things are bright and happy for you. Here in Berkshire it has been awfully wet and miserable; there's flood warnings which is worrying!

Phew this vegetable pattern sure has taken a long time to finish, I wanted to get things just right. I've recently seen that Tigerprint are having another competition but for patterns this time... I think I may submit the designs I've been working on recently, it seems silly not to really!

keep smiling all! chat soon :-) xxx

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Hello all!

Hope you've all been having a most Jubilicious time :-) It has completely knocked me for six having those extra two days off and I'm afraid I've struggled to get back on the creativity wagon this week hence my lack of posts! Anyway, I'm working on a pattern-y type thing again (which always take forever) so I've only got a small snippet to show you:

I'm not entirely sure this friendly beetroot will have a face next time you see him but I thought I'd share all the same. Happy nearly Friday all! xxxx

Thursday, 31 May 2012

chilling out

Hello lovely readers,

I've been taking it easy today as I've been putting myself under so much pressure recently. I'm so afraid of failure... I have to keep reminding myself that it takes a long time to achieve what you want; hmmm... if only I could work out exactly what that was I'd be happy! Anyways, seeing as I've had a bit of a relaxing one today (I even started a book today, I read it on the sofa in my conservatory! Lucky!) I've not had time to draw so here are a couple of bits from my sketchbook. YES YES I know it's not as good as the finished things but beggars can't be choosers right?!

If I'm unable to post tomorrow, I hope you all have a super bank holiday/Jubilicious weekend!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Can't be bothered to cook

Hey hey guys and gals,

How goes it?! After quite a full on day yesterday I really wasn't in the mood for well, anything let alone cooking so the lovely THB ended up sorting dinner (tortellini, yum yum). It made me think that sometimes I should just give in and have a couple of frozen meals handy for cases such as these... I normally cook everything from scratch you see. Today's pic:

MMMM, sausages.... xxxx

Friday, 25 May 2012

A little squirrely fun

What a scorching hot day!

It makes me happy that my work situation is the way that it is! :-) OH HELLO BTW! Hope you're shiny and well. I have a meeting on Monday so I've been busy working on a few things. Remember the Squirrel design from last week? Well here's what I had in mind for it! Enjoy:

Oh and here's a notebook utilising the same design:

Hope you manage to get outside and get some of that sunshine, I'm about to have a late lunch in the garden: YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE! xxxx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sunny - at last!

Hello hello hello,

WOWSERS! Look at all this lovely sunshine! What a difference it has made generally to everyone's mood and state of mind; most people I've been in contact with have been so happy and smiley :-) Despite feeling a bit wobbly about my own work/money situation, I somehow feel assured that it's all going to be ok... I can't help but put that down to Mr. Sun!

Some obvious effects have been felt in my conservatory:

YEY! As the last text says, these are sunflower seedlings which weirdly appeared in my hanging baskets?! My Mum seems to think local squirrels have been at work here! I swiftly removed them from said baskets and re-potted them in the hope that they'll have a better chance if given their own space. Besides, massive Sunflowers hanging in small baskets around my garden would look quite ridiculous!

Drawing to follow tomorrow with any luck :-) xxxxxx

Monday, 21 May 2012


Hello all,

Hope you all had a great weekend; mine involved gardening and a murder mystery party (I was a cheerleader and NOT the murderer, phew!).

I am VERY TIRED today after a whole day on my feet so this post will be short and sweet I'm afraid. I wanted to get this out there for you to enjoy though so do excuse the lack of words!

lots of love, Nanny zzzzzzzzzzzz xxxx

Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday glum day

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all smiles, I'm feeling glum today :-( After being in a very tricky situation I made a decision and ended up upsetting a friend. Unfortunately there's not much I can do to make things better... whichever way I chose, somebody was going to be sad. Just wish I knew how to make things better...

A posho cat for posho cat owners:

Have a lovely weekend guys xxx

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Hey guys!

What a crazy up and down week again, I literally have been up and down and all over the place but I'm pleased to tell you things should be a lot calmer and posting should be more regular here on in. Mainly because: I'VE BEEN OFFERED A PART TIME JOB! This now means I can concentrate properly on my illustrations in my free time without feeling like I should be looking for permanent work! YEY!

Today's illo is a work in progress, I'm hoping to make this into a repeat pattern at some point:

I'm looking forward to being in some sort of routine now I have a job, thanks for putting up with my willy-nilly posting. I like to show 3 new drawings a week so this has really been hurting me more than it's been hurting you guys but I'm sorry all the same! Speak soon, Nanny xxxx

Friday, 11 May 2012

Friday funday

Happy Friday to you all!

Hope your week has been super duper!
So, the quest to find a job is sort of coming to fruition; I had a mini interview on Tuesday which went well (I think...!) and I have a mini trial today! EXCITING! YEY! Fingers, toes, arms and EVERYTHING ELSE crossed that this works out ok!

Today's drawing, sorry it took so long:

Hope you have a great weekend :-) xxxx

Thursday, 10 May 2012

I must apologise again...

Hey all!

Hope you're managing to stay chirpy! I've had a right roller-coaster of a time these past couple of weeks; interviews, agency interest and a bank holiday weekend that was so action packed I'm only just recovering now! So my sincere apologies for the lack of posts, I'm hoping to resume illustrating shortly, hope you've not missed it too much!

No illo for you today but a little crafty idea instead. I had a couple of ramekins which I was going to recycle when I had the idea to make them into tea-light holders! I secured a length of wire around each and made a handle... et voila! Cute :-) Now, where should I put them?

Hand drawn images will resume soon, promise!
ta ta for now xxx

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Congratulations Frampy!

Hello everyone!

Hope you're well :-) I want to take this opportunity to congratulate one of my dearest friends Frampy Fruit bat (aka Alex) and her hubby Dave on the arrival of their first baby, Thomas Jeremy! He weighed in at a whopping 9lb 6!! Wowzers! I am so thrilled for them both and simply cannot wait to meet the little guy! YEY!

On a personal note and after a few rather frustrating days I've made some decisions and... I feel very good about them! Sorry to be so cryptic but that's all I'm going to say for now! I need to stay positive and focussed on my goal here, I'm very excited! YEY!

keep smiling peeps! xxxx

Friday, 27 April 2012

last day in my current job

Happy Friday to all my lovely readers, hope you're smiling out there!

So, as the title suggests... this is my last day in my current job. I cannot begin to tell you how excited/scared I am as to what the future may hold!

Another male design:

ta da! :-) have a great weekend! 
nanny s-a xxxxxx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Male designs

Hey there lovely Readers!

Here's hoping you're all more cheerful than the weather is at present; there's so much GROTTY rain... I got slightly soggy this morning: euurrcchhh!

Well, it appears that things could finally be slotting into place for Nanny; the illustration thing is taking off but more importantly (at this time) the part time job search is coming to fruition - I have an interview next week! YEY! I hope the team like me and feel I'm suitable for the role!

Illustration wise, MALE DESIGNS seem to overall be what people want! Here is my first of (hopefully) a few things to be posted!

What are your thoughts? :-)
chat soon xxxx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Things are moving quickly...

Hello :-D

Yesterday's surprises for THB went VERY WELL, he adored his card, gifts and how I decorated the house for when he got home (lots of photos of us both, helium balloons and sweets!). I then took him to a restaurant he's always wanted to go to; I think it's fair to say he had a great time :-) YIPPEEEEE!
Today's drawing:

Nanny xxxx