Thursday, 13 January 2011

Sketchbook Posted to New York

Hello all! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I've been busy working on my lovely sketchbook! I am currently very proud of myself as it is now completely finished and I have just posted said sketchbook to New York for my contribution to the Sketchbook project. I took lots of photos and also scanned the images in as I unfortunately won't be able to get the book back :-(  Hopefully LOADS of people will be picking up what I've done and will enjoy it.

I really wanted to draw/write/collage whatever came naturally (rather than feel like I had to be restricted to what may be considered 'correct' or fashionable) and I'm happy to say I've achieved this. As a result I am incredibly freed up artistically at the moment, lets hope that continues! :-)

Ooh, do have an oggle at the below artwork!

Next up: PREPARATION FOR SPRING FAIR!! ooh dear not very long left to prepare :-S  I'll post some bits and bobs asap, hope you likey!


  1. oooh I LOVE your sketchbook, it's fab!
    Well done x

  2. sketchbook looks great!! every page filled with interesting stuff :)

  3. thank you both so much for your encouraging comments! :-) xxx