Friday, 7 January 2011

Fantabulous new sites I've discovered this week!

Morning! Despite the continual downpour outside I am trying to stay bright and cheery and what better way than to share the websites I've discovered this week with you all.

First up is MoCo Loco, a beautiful, online magazine style site encompassing all that is modern, design orientated and architectural. I was introduced to this site (very surprisingly) by a grumpy colleague who normally talks of nothing more than the state of the economy and what a terrible world we live in. Obviously said colleague thinks there may be some good out there or else they wouldn't have been looking or indeed (and also more importantly!) sharing this site with me! Once you get used to the site scrolling left to right, you'll soon be discovering a whole host of design juicy-ness. YUM.

The second is more of a blog really. It's called Book by its Cover and is about gorgeous books the author (Julia Rothman) finds interesting. She also has a personal website (click here) but I am saving that until I have exhusted the blog!

Enjoy! xxx

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