Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Inspired and HAPPY!

I am feeling very jolly today after seeing that some of my uni classmates are doing really well in their creative lives, always nice to hear good news! It's put me in such a good mood and makes me feel like I can do the same, I'm not going to let low confidence get the better of me! I'm not going to be like the headstrong hamster and stay in my mushroom hut any longer... 2011 is definitely a year for meeeeeeee :-)
Thanks again for all the lovely feedback I've been getting, it really is giving me the boost I need xxx


  1. Brilliant little post filled with positive vibes! Keep them coming please :) FAB JOB!!

  2. Woo.. yes I would love to say that 2011 is my year too.. been working so hard on getting confidence with my work. Nothing published but been doing some odd private commissions. This is definitely the year to get my stuff out there again! Will look forward to watching how things go for you too!! xxx