Friday, 21 January 2011


Bello! Sorry for my last (slightly moody) post. It really isn't like me to be down in the dumps so I've given myself a kick and I'm trying to focus on the good things going on rather than the bad. I'm seeing a very good friend this weekend and will be working hard on my personal portfolio which always cheers me up!
I just wanted to say that it's absolutely wonderful to see that I have new followers, thank you all for your support!
Have a great weekend, Nanny S-A xxx

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  1. Do not worry, I have a similar grumpy post on my blog that I am not too happy about. I blame the fact that January is actually the longest month ever and that that it is still another week until pay-day! But, good news is it's a Friday and the sun is shining, 5.5hours until the weekend!!! Woo hoo! Seems as though the Asparagus works.