Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Little Red Hen

Happy Tuesday all :-)

Hope you like my newest artwork for the good old personal portfolio! I took inspiration from the story "The Little Red Hen" which (despite it's short length!) is quite dear to me as it reminds me of my wonderful Mummy. She used to read this (and many other stories!) to my sister and I when we were diddy, but I think this story stuck with me because the hard working Hen is incredibly similar to my VERY hard working and excellent Mum! ... I love you mummy! ... Right, soppiness over!

The artwork was created using a mixture of collage, tea staining (I love this as a way of taming that scary white page), biro and coloured pencils. I used some of my Grandmother's stamp collection (again!!) and one of my newly aquired cigarrette cards (I got about 200 for £2 in an antiques shop near work) as this added a sense of nostalgia, well for me anyway!

More to follow soon, love Nanny S-A xxx :-)

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