Wednesday, 5 January 2011

MIY (make it yourself): Stamp Pictures

I recently posted about a gift I made for my sister for Christmas which she adored; well here it is! Well, actually, it's not the exact one but it is very similar and here's how I made it  :-D

Luckily for me, I inherited one of my Granny's many collections, this one in particular being used stamps. She had multiple penfriends from all over the world so the collection is incredibly varied and some stamps are from the 50's (NB. I simply LOVE going through all her stamps).

(1) I picked out the ones which complimented my decor and carefully arranged them on paper the same size as the frame.

(2) I wasn't entirely sure as to their value so I stuck them down with a tiny bit of pritt stick just in case! 

(3) I then put into the frame (which I bought in a £1 shop would you believe?!) which I had previously spray-painted white to match my home.  ET VOILA!

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  1. I forgot to mention that I bought some used stamps (a little while back) from a charity shop for 50p for a small bag! I love charity finds like this! xxx