Monday, 17 January 2011

Happy Monday! MIY Wreath

Howdy everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend :-)

According to the tabloids, today is meant to be the most gloomy and glum day of the year. Well, Nanny S-A will be having none of that. Why not try my MIY (make it yourself) Wreath? It looks pretty, costs next to nothing and takes a couple hours to make... less if you have quick and nimble fingers!

What you will need: cardboard, large round plate, small round plate, pencil, double sided sticky tape, scissors, tissue paper, assorted ribbons and string (or any general tying up thingys), costume jewellery and buttons to decorate.

1. Draw around the large plate onto the cardboard so you have a nice circle. This will more or less be the size of your wreath so be careful what plate you choose!
2. As centrally as you can, draw around your smaller plate within the circle from the bigger plate.
3. Cut around both circles so you are left with a nice round 'o' shape.
4. Tear off a large strip of tissue paper about 10cm wide (you can use any colour, I used some that came with a new pair of boots I got for Christmas). Scrunch it slightly and stick one end to the back with the double sided sticky tape.
5. Wrap the scrunched paper around the cardboard 'o' and secure with more tape each time you add a new piece. Make sure the ends are always on the reverse side only otherwise your wreath won't be nice and neat.
6. Pick out some nice ribbon, string, wire, pipe-cleaners or whatever you fancy and wrap around the 'o' making sure you have a nice gap in between the revolutions (I used normal household string and raffia). Continue with as many different tying things as you like but remember to secure them properly on the reverse with more double sided tape.
7. Add a loop at the top for hanging, securing on the reverse with more tape!
8. Add buttons, sequins etc to decorate. I finished mine off with a large piece of costume jewellery I got from a bootfair last year for 20p. I added more ribbons as I like as much 'frou-frou' as possible on everything.

Hope this keeps those hands, heads and hearts busy on this supposedly glum day.
Nanny S-A xxx

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