Friday, 1 April 2011

S-A: The April Fool?

Hip Hip HOORAY, it's FRIDAY :-)   Friday = Happy times.
Lots of good things have been happening recently and I keep thinking someone is going to jump out and be like, "APRIL FOOLS YOU DOUGHNUT! We're not really interested." ...Oh dear, I need to stop with the self denial and be brave. What is the worst that can happen?! GAAAH!

This is unrelated to April Fools but hope you like anyways!

toodles xxx


  1. I love the picture. You know what? I saw a woman at the park last weekend wearing a yellow, black, pink and white dress that made her look just like a liquorice allsort! Very unflattering, unless her boyfriend is into aniseed!

  2. This girl clearly needs a wardrobe makeover! When I first read this comment I thought you said "unless her boyfriend IS ANISEED!" ... An aniseed boyfriend? Sounds nice!! :-D xxx

  3. Depends whether you like aniseed or not! Whoa dejavu. Anyway, my parents absolutely adore liquorice, while I am not really a fan - that is unless it's coated in chocolate. Dad especially loves candy eggs that come out at Easter time, on which the pink sugar is aniseed flavoured. It's his little egg of happiness once a year! Are you a liquorice lover?