Thursday, 21 April 2011

Happy Easter all!


I adore Easter. For me it marks the beginning of better weather (! yey!), new life and new beginnings for everyone :-) Easter is a MASSIVE deal in my family so we shall be spending Easter Sunday together celebrating, eating and generally being happy and thankful for all we've been given. Found out that my Mum is quite poorly atm (she had a hospital apt today...) so I will be making extra effort to make sure she has a peaceful holiday.

Sooo as you may or may not know, because of the Royal Wedding, us lucky Brits get super amounts of bank holidays over the next week or so. I was one of the very sneaky ones to get my holiday booked early ao I've ACTUALLY got the next 11 days off my day job in a row!! WOO-HOO!! Unfortumately blog fans, that also means I probably won't be posting for a little while... I've got an incredibly busy time ahead of me: A very good friend's wedding to go to, family celebrations, another lovely friend's hen do, my NEW KITCHEN is being fitted (I will post pics) and I'm spending some time with my beautiful and bestest buddies too. LUCKY ME!! I will do my best to write something next week to hopefully bring a smile to your faces though!

So here's wishing you a wonderful Easter full of hope and happiness, FA LA LA DUM DEEE DUM!!
Nanny S-A xxx

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  1. Oh well, lucky you! I am also on Term 1 holidays, but they are much too short, and have nothing planned in them and thus are rendered a tad pointless. Are you going away for your holiday? I hope that you have a relaxing and yet fun-filled time, and of course I look forward to seeing the pictures. Happy Easter! Take care, the Book Florist.