Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Tuesdayyyyyyy Fortunes

Hellooooooo! It is so hot and sunny today :-) YIP!!

Whilst out drinking a nice cider in the sunshine on Saturday afternoon, THIS JUST POPPED INTO MY HEAD. I do not know why but I felt like I should draw it. HOPE YOU LIKE!

Thanks all again for your votes for my design on threadless; I've had a few peeps ask so I thuoght I'd explain... you need to sign up (takes 2 secs, promise!) and click 5 (or whatever you think it deserves! ha!) and then check to say you'd buy it. It has two days left for votes so get clicking if you haven't already! he he!

I've had so much feedback from this that I am thinking of setting up a store on Etsy (I've been thinking about it for ages! Just need to get on with it now!). hmm... As always though I am a bit scared that things won't sell. ARRGGGHHHH, FEAR DEMONS BE GONE!!

Hope you are all hunky dory :-) xxx


  1. Really cute & funny - stuff like that would make a great regular comic in a newspaper. We have one called 'Insanity Streak' which has cute but clever ideas & captions.

  2. Haha I love it! definitely appeals to my sense of humour :)

  3. Very sweet. Hey, I signed in and voted, so I hope that it has been counted. Best of luck!