Thursday, 14 April 2011

Oooh, it's time to vote!

Hey all :-)  I'm still super happy from yesterday's news! I received an email this morning also to say that my tshirt design is now up for voting upon! Please follow this link and vote!

Thanks for your support as always! xxx


  1. I voted for you!! I was a bit confusing :s If I didn't let me know and I'll try again!

  2. Oh, hi Kayla! Dear Nanny, I tried to vote, and clicked on 'I would buy it as a tee'. But is that all I needed to do? I didn't need to press something else to make it submit my vote, did I? Thankyou for your EXTREMELY honest comment. Yeah, I get that. Hope you're feeling good now, though. Take care, the Book Florist.

  3. you surely made my day a tad happier! :D i'd love a tee like this one, and then i have you know that i don't like the colour blue at all! X'D