Friday, 1 April 2011

aah-eeee, it's the weekend

Have another...

:-) xxx


  1. If we're on the topic of sweets, I would like to ask you a question: what chocolates and lollies do you love? A sweet good day to you.

  2. Hey Book Florist, thanks for your comments as always :-) Favourite chocolate? Chocolate orange... ooh or those strawberry cream thingys! sweets wise it's gotta be rhubarb and custards. Lollipops? Do you have Drumstick lollies in oz?! they're chewy and deeeee-licious! And you? xxx

  3. Cuteness, your illustrations make me smile!

  4. Chocolate orange... Do you get it in blocks (like Lindt, which is dark), or can you buy those choc orange eggs wrapped in orange foil which come in a little dark blue box? How do you get it?

    I have literally never been game enough to try rhubarb and custard, but I think this is partially attributed to the fact that Mum really disliked it as a child, and so never makes it. What is it like?

    I'm not sure about drumstick lollipops... I haven't heard of them. Do you have Starbursts and Chuppa Chups? Starbursts are cheaper and fruity. The best flavour I think is fruity punch which is basically all the flavours together. Lots of fun! Chuppa Chups are creamier, and also have cola.

    My favourite chocolate is Whitaker's Coconut Block. I love the wrapping on it and how vintage it looks, but also how crunchy and sweet the coconut makes it. I love Twirl bars, which are flaky all over the place, but then have chocolate around them so all the flakiness happens in your mouth. I love pepperment patties and coconut roughs, and caramel and macadamia tart, and Pods. Do you have Pods? They're little chocolate biscuit cups filled with a caramel filling, topped with chocolate. Very yum, and you can get them in the flavour of your favourite Cadbury chocolate bar.

    Thankyou for replying. I loved answering!

  5. Your illustration prompted me to think of how people often mingle their relationships with self promotion or business deals. "Hi, let's be friends. And when can I come around to show you my products". Infuriating. Do you relate?