Thursday, 7 April 2011

Antibiotics = Amazing

Howdy All!
I cannot believe how much better I feel now the antibiotics have kicked in! I'm still a bit rought but NO WAY as bad as I was earlier in the week!! A big WOO-HOO to modern medicine!!
Really glad that people liked the "sweet cup cake" image I managed to get done yesterday, this one is following along the same lines and I have more up my sleeve to showcase (once I finish them!):

It's so nice (and encouraging) to have other people's thoughts on where they'd look good too... it's giving me some ideas!! I agree these would look CUTE on kids clothing! YIPEE!!

Something unrelated now, Father's Day... I know my Dad would LOVE this as he is a lover of the traditional Full English Breakfast. His belly is evidence of that! He he he, sorry Dad!

Not sure if I'm 100% convinced of my colour choices yet though... I may also add some "jiggle" marks. xxx


  1. Another great idea. Can't help but wonder what the Mother's Day version would be like? Hopefully it would have chocolate in it!

  2. Hey, I was just thinking that you would probably really enjoy the word that I had yesterday. It is


    and it means boisterous and uproarious, but the real joy is just how much fun it is to say in a really bigm, jolly accent. Anyway, glad to hear your feeling better, and jiggle marks would be cute. Take care.