Wednesday, 2 February 2011

MIY (make it yourself): Favour Baskets

Howdy Doody Peeps! Hope your Wednesday is filled with SPARKLE!

Thought I'd share these with you; my little favour baskets which I've made for my Mum's dinner party this Friday.

I used a doily and folded it to make a 'box' without a lid and secured with tape on the inside. I then added a piece of gold wrapping ribbon as a handle which I secured by weaving into the doily pattern and then taped the ends underneath the basket to finish.

I presented the finished articles to Mum last night; she loved them! Luckily for me I will be attending said dinner party and will therefore be receiving a filled basket to take home...
...Fingers crossed I find strawberry/orange creams and caramels inside! :-)


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