Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Birthday Surprises

Hey all,
Sorry I've been quiet as of late, it's been a busy week so far!
So, it's my not-so-little sister's 25th birthday next week and I wanted to get her/do something she'd remember. I've managed to keep it a secret from her for over a month (which is pretty good going in my terms; I have such a big mouth!) but she was beginning to panic about it as we're doing said activity this weekend and she didn't know what to wear etc. She suffers with ocd so it seemed only fair to let her know a few days in advance so she could prepare. I sent her the pic below in an email this morning to give her that needed heads up:

She loves the idea and is as excited as I am :-) YEY! The doofus thought we'd be rock climbing?? As if I'd ever do that...
Bottoms up! glugg glugg glugg... hic!!

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