Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day


So Valentine's Day is here; a day for romance and for showing the world you are in love. But what if you're not in love and actually on your todd? Are you destined to spend these 24hrs frowning and grouching over said fact and then eat a lone microwave meal like the people on ITV's Dinner Date? NO! ... Today I started by sending a text to all my friends who mean so very much to me, called my Mum to tell her how super she is and made my sister a nice sweet cup of tea (she stayed the night at mine) and made sure she knew how grateful I was to have her in my life. YES it is slushy but that's just how I roll I guess!
After such a love filled morning, I thought I'd best focus my attentions on myself as you can't expect to love others without loving yourself a little bit too... not in a self obsessed way, just in a "well done for getting through all that poop" kinda way. So, as a Valentine's gift to myself, I bought a pretty dress!! HA!

So a bit of a recap, you know I mentioned Fay in my last post? Well she's only on the Print and Pattern Blog today!! How weird?! She was such a nice girl and really had so much time for me. I wish her every success! Here's a little sampler of her beautiful work :-)

She's got some cards in the Paperchase at Tottenham Court Road, if I'm nearby I will definitely be buying a few of her designs!

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