Thursday, 21 July 2011

Yip yip yip, what a lovely 28th Birthday!

Hi all!

Hope all is sunshine and rainbows with you-hoooo! I had an absolutely fantastical day yesterday and still feel very much in the birthday spirit now! WOO-HOO! I received loads of messages yesterday and it was so nice to see the birthday wishes from lovely Lucy and brilliant Book Florist on my last post too! I feel so fortunate to have so many good people in my life in whatever shape or form! :-)

Today's pic is a bit of a stinker:

Sorry! ha ha ha!


  1. This little series is becoming slightly crude, but is completely hilarious! I really enjoyed all three so far. Thankyou for posting them, because they're definitely day-brightening material.

    And of course, happy 28th birthday! Are you doing anything special?

  2. HAPPY (belated ahem) BIRTHDAY!
    Did you celebrate in NY at a pro gay rights marrage thingy? Your hearts are 3 pics from the bottom.