Monday, 4 July 2011

Howdy Monday, how lovely to see you!

A new week! YEY! Last week was sooo much fun, not only was it filled with happy and sunshine but I also went to an amazing festival and boogied my socks off! I am pretty tired now but still feeling uber buzzy and happy!! YIPPPEEEEEE! Bring on more happiness filled weeks :-)

My family are all massive, crazy characters especially on my Mother's side as they are LOUD and foreign. Anyway my cousin Danielle contacted me last week to ask if I'd draw something for her and of course I obliged; any excuse to doodle! She's a bit of a legend really as she sort of ran away to the circus, learnt to do all manner of cool circus-y things then, er, ran away FROM the circus back home! Well, that's the version of the story I like anyways! Her speciality is hooping! SO, TA DA!! HERE IT IS. Err, I perhaps should point out that when we were younger we were obsessed with saying the word "PORK" (don't ask!!) so it was only right Danielle should be depicted as a leg of pork. SORRY FOR ALL YOU VEGETARIANS OUT THERE!

oooh, I hope she likes it... !

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