Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Creepy Cat

Happy Tuesday Guys and Gals :-)

I'm actually a little down today, boooooo :-(  Firstly I'm in the middle of a major barny with my (neurotic) sister and secondly a colleague at (actual) work is becomming increasingly difficult, argumentative and negative; so much so, I'm finding it hard to stay my normal cheery self around him. *big sigh*  I try so hard to be smiley and get on with everyone so when stuff like this happens it really effects me :-(  *little cry of despair*

Maybe Creepy Cat can distract/disturb me enough to take my mind off everything?!

I think I will cheer myself up by:
1. chatting to my Aunty Jean who is getting a new kitty this week!
2. searching for dachshund puppy (I so badly WANT one) pics on the internet
3. emailing my lovely buddies and maybe cahtting to them at lunch time
4. seeing The Treasure Hunt Boy if he is free :-)

Book Florist I am in agreement on the keeper factor! I'll be seeing Wicked (it'll be my second time) end of September. And DesignJessica, where has your Boy been then?! :-(

Nanny xxx

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