Thursday, 7 July 2011

Thursday already?!

Howdy Ho All!

I have had a crazy busy week! Work is picking up immensely and my social life has been a bit hectic too so apologies for my rubbish posting this week. Hopefully I'll be back up to speed after this weekend (think I'm going to have a day long drawing and planning session on Saturday!). I'm thinking of putting all of these into a book, you know, like a coffee table kind of read... what do you think?

Today's feast for your eyes:

Keep smiling peeps!
Nanny S-A xxx

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  1. Oh yes! That's a great idea. I completely encourage you to do so... and then tell me how you got it published! I would love to do a picture book plus novels if I could only knuckle down to write them. Anyway, I really adored your comment from a few days back. I wanted to thankyou earlier but Herbie (my laptop) still doesn't let me comment, so I've had to come downstairs to the impersonal family desktop. (You seem to have the same problems?) Thankyou and I'm so delighted that you found the broadcast interesting. It's really exciting for me knowing that what I've posted is valuable for someone other than myself. It's a very cool story, isn't it, behind the broadcast itself?

    Anyway, take care, and definitely, a book would be wonderful. Ps. I'll be among the first to buy it.