Monday, 25 July 2011


Heeeeeellllllloooooooooo!!! How are you all?!! HAPPY MONDAY TO YOUUUUUU!!

I had such a fantabulous birthday weekend (yep, birthday fun is stiiiillll going on!)! I went to Hampton Court Palace with lots of my bestest buddies and I even got to walk around holding the lovely baby Jacob (with a no doubt watchful eye from parents Caroline and Dave!), good times! :-)  I feel so very much loved and so incredibly lucky!

To everyone who has joined in on my birthday fun whether it be in person, by post or over the net: THANKS! this is for you-hoooooo!!

Lots of love to you all :-)
Nanny xxxx

To designJessica: ha ha! I wasn't there but good spotting of the very similar hearts!! :-D

And for the romantics: The Boy made a treasure map and devised a treasure hunt for me!! All the treasure/birthday booty was spot on (hurrah!) and the final gift was a beautiful bunch of sunflowers (my fave) and tickets to see my favourite musical WICKED!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!! xxxx


  1. That is just the lovliest thing! I think you've snagged a keeper there! Happy to hear that you had fun. When will you be going to Wicked?

  2. Funny wasn't it.
    Yeah! I Love a bit of romance Make sure you enjoy every moment with him. 1 week to go until I get my boy back.