Friday, 15 July 2011

This took longer than I thought it would...

Happy Friday Peeps!

How exciting, the end of the working week is almost upon us, hope you've got something wonderful/relaxing/happy fun times *(delete as appropriate) planned. I have my super friend Anna coming to stay; I've not seen her since her wedding back in April so I am even MORE excited than I usually am on a Friday. Tomorrow we're heading into London to see Jersey Boys which I am told is BRILLIANT. OOOOOH AND IT'S ONLY 5 MORE DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!! yippeeeeee!! It is fair to say I am finding concentrating difficult today seeing as there is sooooo much going on! :-D

here is another comic strip, it took longer than I though it would as mentioned in the title of this post! If you click the image it should open up in a new window/tab if you're having difficulty reading it!

have a good one! xxx


  1. Oooh, hello to you and Anna, wooo! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

  2. Very cute, and I assume that a part two will follow closely??? Have a great time in London and look forward to your opinion on the show. Take care.