Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sunny - at last!

Hello hello hello,

WOWSERS! Look at all this lovely sunshine! What a difference it has made generally to everyone's mood and state of mind; most people I've been in contact with have been so happy and smiley :-) Despite feeling a bit wobbly about my own work/money situation, I somehow feel assured that it's all going to be ok... I can't help but put that down to Mr. Sun!

Some obvious effects have been felt in my conservatory:

YEY! As the last text says, these are sunflower seedlings which weirdly appeared in my hanging baskets?! My Mum seems to think local squirrels have been at work here! I swiftly removed them from said baskets and re-potted them in the hope that they'll have a better chance if given their own space. Besides, massive Sunflowers hanging in small baskets around my garden would look quite ridiculous!

Drawing to follow tomorrow with any luck :-) xxxxxx

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