Wednesday, 4 July 2012

new comp!

Hey all!

Sorry I've been so quiet yet again. The redundancy has turned my life literally upside down and I have changed paths so many times in the past three months! The latest is that I've been applying to and attending several graphic design/design positions and... I've just been offered a job! YIPPEE! It's an 8 month maternity contract and I'll be working in McLaren's design department which will be amazing for my CV let alone my confidence! I start on 16th July (my birthday week - hurrah!) but I have literally just been asked to spend the day with them tomorrow at Silverstone! Wowzers! I feel so lucky! It means my illustration stuff will be put on a back burner for a bit but I have several projects up my sleeve so do expect some lovely character based stuffs to appear here soon!

Anyway, Tigerprint are holding another competition which is to design a print! Luckily I have done some pattern work as regular followers may already know so I thought I'd submit some designs and see what happens!

I will keep you posted! :-) xxxx

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  1. Very exciting - well done!

    I have a new job too. 2012 = The Year of the New Job!