Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A tired old Nana


And welcome to my new readers and facebook likers! It's so nice to have you along for the ride! :-) Thanks for your nice comments toooooooo!

So, I have been a pretty tired Nanny... The camping trip this weekend was great but I am absolutely pooped now. Actual work is very busy too which is not exactly helping matters!! All I keep thinking is that this time next week I will be on a beach in Ibiza with one of my best buddies (the lovely Miss Kattavenos), which reminds me... I regret to inform you I won't be posting at all from 23rd Aug until about 5th Sept!! I will try to get as much stuff as possible on line before I go which will hopefully keep you going :-D

Sooo, I know it's August but here is another Crimbo goody for you!

YUM YUM! Christmas Pud is my fave!
Lots of love, Nanny xxxx

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  1. We'll definitely miss you, Nanny, but I do hope that you'll have a wonderful time and have some good stories to tell when you get back. The Christmas pudding is very giggle-inducing. Love it! Thankyou and take care!