Friday, 19 August 2011

TGI Friday!

Well helloooooo lovely readers!

Things you should be aware of before reading any further:
1. I am tired
2. I have a sore throat from singing my head off (mainly to Disney) at karaoke last night
3. I am tired

!!! I am so pleased its Friday and that I am on holiday soon! Oh can I just say a big thank you again for all my recent comments but particularly to drend for their lovely words, truly made my morning! Actual work (graphic design) is getting me down a bit so it was an amazing boost knowing that the things I really love doing (doodling, illustrating etc) are making others jolly out there :-)

I'm afraid it's another Crimbo design for you to feast your eyes upon today (I've not managed to do very much this week, apologies!). I'm planning a doodling day tomorrow so with any luck I'll have something non-crimbo related to show you next week before I go off on my hols!

Have a super weekend all :-) xxxx

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