Thursday, 11 August 2011

Busy Thursday


Hope you're all well in the land of the interwebs! I have been crazy busy with actual work, plans for illustrative work and also with family commitments (namely making sure my Mum is behaving after having her foot operation. It is proving to be rather difficult). ALSO I have been trying to see treasure hunt boy as much as possible which continues to be just lovely. Generally I am feeling very happy (YIP YIP) but also super tired too. Think I need to properly catch up on sleeps times this weekend although that plan may go out of the window seeing as I'm taking my young cousins CAMPING! ha! Oh lordy I'm going to be exhausted!

Anyway, here is something inspired by recent happy times. Hope you likey :-)

Thanks for reading this post my little sweethearts, it makes me so very happy that you do!
Nanny xxx

1 comment:

  1. OOOooooohhhh! That's one of the sweetest ever! I love it! I think it sums up my feelings for my friends, especially my best friend, who is a lovely wonderful happy chappy most of the time. It's so cute.

    I'm very glad to hear you've been well and cheerful. Take care.